Most people who walk in to our store, are looking for good safe that can withstand a typical pry attack. And very often when torch resistance is mentioned, it is followed by a grin, a wave of a hand and something along the lines of - “that’s an overkill”. In most cases of home burglaries, that is true... However, not all. And this story is about an attempted safe break in where the bad guys came “...

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In the second part of our educational videos, we focus on Gun Safe Interior differences. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself before buying a safe.

James Stoddard – Founder of Summit Safe is very knowledgeable person when it comes to Gun Safes. In this video he explains the key features of  gun safe interior to look for when purchasing your next safe. 

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The Safe Keeper in Las Vegas, NV demonstrates how easy it is to break into a common home safe.

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Mechanical VS Electronic Safes Lock? That is the question.

Electronic vs Mechanical

Many people who come into our store ask us the same question. Which lock is better on a Gun Safe, Electronic or Mechanical dial lock? Well, the answer is always the same: “If it was up to us, we wouldn’t even sell electronic locks”. Why? Well because as far as security there is absolutely no difference, but when it comes to reliability, mec...

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How to change combination on LG Electronic Safe Lock

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Changing the combination on your LG electronic lock is very simple if you pay attention and follow the instructions. Just make sure you always change your combination with the safe door open and bolts retracted all the way. Never change your combination with the safe door closed. Another very useful thing to do is to have your ...

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What to look for when Buying Gun Safe

The Gun Safe Buying Guide

This gun safe buying guide will show you what to look for when buying a gun safe. Weather you are buying a used gun safe of a new gun safe, you can benefit from watching this educational video. Don’t be fooled by the big box stores offering imitation safes. Watch this video and find out what you should be looking for when buying a gun s...

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One of the most common questions we get at The Safe Keeper is: what size of gun safe should I get. Now there are many different sizes out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one will suit you. Especially since gun safe is considered to be a long-term purchase. So we made 3 simple points to consider before purchasing your gun safe.

Gun safes with various sizes

1. What are you putting in the safe? Y...

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Moving  a  Cannonball  Safe

The other day we had an opportunity to partake in moving a truly unique safe. This beautiful Cannonball safe was built in early 1870’s. Back in the day of Jesse James this safe was considered “Absolutely Robbery Proof” due to the rounded corners and 3,600 pound weight which kept it from being stolen. Back in the day, it was common practice to kidnap the Banker during the...

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Now, before you get all worked up saying that these safes are in totally different price range and can not be compared… Yes! You are right. These two safes are completely different security levels and price ranges. They are like night and day. The only similarity they have is that both were purchased to protect ones valuables, and both were attacked by actual thieves that used tools found in victi...

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