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More About Browning Vault Doors

Browning Vault Doors are built with attention to every detail. Like other Browning products, they offer perfect American quality. Therefore, if you are looking for a door for a storm shelter or a walk-in safe, make your choice in favour of one of Browning doors for sale. The doors are equipped with 5-Spoke handle, 7 GA door frame and 22 active bolts to allow maximum protection from fire, pry-ins or disasters. Browing Vault Doors come in a variety of designs, finishes, colors and prices.

Questions & Answers

How heavy is a Browning vault door?
The designers of the Browning vault door managed to make it robust, but not much heavy. The weight of an average size one is 500-800 lb (227-363 kg).

How big are Browning vault doors?
In terms of height, the standard Browning vault door is 81-90 inches. While in terms of width, they can be divided into two groups: narrower and wider. The narrower is 31-40 inches and the wider is 41-50 inches in width.

Are Browning vault doors safes fireproof?
Browning vault doors are built from strong steel and have a special design that may help prevent fire from getting inside the room. But they are not fire tested.

How to install a Browning vault door?
Browning vault door installation isn`t a big deal if you carefully follow the instructions of the manufacturer. However, in order to save time and be 100% sure that the process is done correctly, we recommend you invite our team of professionals to do the service for you.

How much does Browning vault door cost?
The Safe Keeper offers several Browning vault doors for sale that vary by size, color, design, and a lot of customization options. Thus, the prices for the doors depend on the mentioned features. At our store, the average Browning vault door costs $ 6,000.