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More About Handgun Safes & Pistol Safes For Sale

The main feature of a handgun safe is convenient design which allows the owner to have a quick access to their weapons. They say that hand gun safes are all compact small pistol safes. However, small gun safes are not necessarily little, they differ by size, capacity, design, etc. There are single and multiple handgun safes, for instance. The former are intended for one pistol whereas the latter can accommodate several small guns. The Safe Keeper offers a wide variety of both large and small handgun safes. The only trait they have in common is US quality which ensures ideal security.


The main reason as to why a person buys a handgun is to protect themselves and their family. But having a firearm at home, one faces another issue: how to keep it not accessible to kids. According to statistics, up to 10 thousand kids are killed by firearms annually in the USA. And the fourth of the accidents happen due to the wrong way of keeping handguns. Even an ordinary pistol safe can prevent such cases. It is also worth considering that small gun safes for handguns are intended to protect firearms from being stolen by criminals.

Handgun Safes Locking System

Locking system is one of the most important matters which you should consider while buying a handgun safe. It influences the price of the storage, level of security, and convenience of using it. Any locking system has its own pluses. A key lock is the simplest and the cheapest; an electronic one provides the quickest access. A mechanical pistol safe is believed to be the most reliable. However, a biometric handgun safe is the newest invention that leaves no chances for unauthorised people to open it.

Pistol Safes Capacity

Pistol safe capacity varies drastically depending on what the storage is intended for. If you need a storage for a handgun to be transported in a car or carried from one place to another, a single pistol safe would be a perfect solution. If you require a bigger storage for keeping a couple of weapons or a handgun and some other stuff, then a 2 pistol gun safe will be a good choice. However, if you want a storage for keeping all your small firearms and other valuables, buy a multiple handgun safe.


The best handgun safe shouldn't be too large as it will be very difficult to move from one place to another. It should also allow convenient and quick access to an owner. And lastly, the storage should provide a high level of security. If you want to buy the best small pistol safe which will meet your needs, pay attention to the interior design of it. Should it include an extra shelf or place for your papers and cash, or come with a foam lining on top and bottom to prevent your pistol from scratches?

Questions & Answers

Do I need a handgun safe?

Of course you need one. It is required to keep any firearm hidden in a safe in order to prevent access to children as well as burglars. If you want to have your handgun at hand, it would be better to put it in a small handgun safe. It will be easy to carry from one place to another and possible to keep even in a bedside table.

Where to put handgun safe?

Undeniably, a handgun safe shouldn't be kept in plain sight. The best places for it are a closet, bedside dresser, basement, a hidden corner of a room.

Do you offer safes for multiply pistols?

We definitely recommend buying a multiple handgun safe, as it is convenient to keep all firearms in one place. The majority of handgun safes available at our store are designed to accommodate several pistols.

Handgun and pistol safes of what brands are available at your store?

There is a wide choice of handgun and pistol safes at our store. All of them are from proven American manufacturers. Here you can buy pistol safes from Browning, Fort Knox, Hollon, Stack-On and V-Line brands.

How much does a small gun safe for handguns cost?

The price for a small gun safe for a handgun depends on material it is made of, a type of lock it includes and features a unit has. At our store you can buy an average small gun safe for $350. However, the price range for the type of storage varies from $115 up to $10,000.

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