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Multiple Handgun Safes

Large handgun safes allow enough space to keep a huge collection of pistols. As a rule, they have a strong protection against burglars and fire and are equipped with a number of security features. Big safes are hard to move, that gives them an edge over small safes. Such storage is almost impossible to steal what we cannot say about lightweight one. A safe for multiple handguns is convenient as it enables an owner to store all weapons, handguns and ammunition in one place. The only nuisance owners of a big multiple pistol safe have is to find the place to hide it.

Questions & Answers

For how many guns is a large handgun safe used?
You can find a gun safe for more than 2 pistols. They may be wide and tall and the majority of them have a modular design. A multiple handgun safe with modular design can accommodate dozens of pistols.

Are large handgun safes fireproof?
Not all of them. But the best large capacity handgun safes offer such significant fire protection that can be considered fireproof.

How much does a multi-pistol safe cost?
Top quality large pistol safes built from a lot of steel, equipped with security features cannot be cheap. However, the price also depends on the brand, size and functionality.