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More About Floor Safes For Sale

For either a small retail business or a big one as well as for home a floor safe is a perfect choice for keeping papers, cash and other precious things. The Safe Keeper has many floor safes for sale available in different sizes and shapes including rectangular and round ones. But especially popular are our floor safes for the home, which provide double burglary protection: high security floor safes we offer are equipped with reliable hinge pins, locking bolts, solid doors, etc. And another benefit of an in floor safe box is a very low likelihood to be found by a thief quickly.

In addition, our heavy duty floor safes are drill-resistant, fire proof and very durable. Thus our cylinder floor safe made a hit with our customers as one of the most reliable.

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How To Choose The Best Floor Safe

The best floor safe for sale is built from 1/2″ thick steel. Generally, it should be B rated. Another important feature is high quality, UL approved lock. Home floor safe of a top level is equipped with a relocking device, drill resistant hard plate and a dead bar. It is also a good plus if a floor safe is fire and waterproof.

Concealed Safes

All floor safes are concealed which makes them invisible and thus doubles the security level. As only a burglar who knows the location of it can find the safe. They are typically installed in concrete, which leaves nearly no chances for thieves to get the one out. These two features make hidden floor safes for the home the most secure storages ever.

The Size of Floor Safe

A floor safe can be of any size an owner requires. As there are no space limitations for it. A small floor safe can be used for one really precious thing. It can be 1,000 cubic space inches. A large floor safe is able to accommodate up to several dozen guns, lots of jewelry and papers. It can be 11,000 cubic space inches.

Water and Fire Rating

Floor safes offer extensive burglary protection. But a fireproof floor safe is quite a rare case. Nevertheless, if this safe is installed in concrete, which is known to have a high level of fire resistance, it can protect the heat from getting inside the storage. On the contrary, a waterproof floor safe is quite a usual case, as such a storage is prone to flooding.

The type of locking system

Traditionally an in-floor safe comes with either a combination lock or digital lock. Each of them have their own pros and cons. A mechanical one is good for not frequent usage while electronic one enables fast access and alarm. Despite a locking system, it is really important that a floor safe was equipped with U.L. listed lock.

Benefits of Floor Safes

There are three main benefits of floor safes. They are hidden and encased in concrete which makes them hard to be spotted and removed. Floor safes can offer very large capacity without taking useful room space. If you buy a floor safe of good quality, you receive waterproof and fire resistant storage with impeccable burglar protection.

Questions & Answers

What is a floor safe?
A floor safe is imbedded in concrete floor. Such vault can be hidden under the carpet or furniture. Therefore, the likelihood that it could be spotted by a stranger is very low.

How safe is a floor safe?
Buying a floor safe, you acquire a storage that will be hidden in the floor. Which means that it will take a lot of time and effort for the robber to find it. In addition, such vault is installed in concrete, which makes it impossible to lift it out or pry it out. Thus, a floor safe is definitely safe.

Are floor safes fireproof?
Floor safes are encased in concrete, therefore they offer exceptional protection from thieves. However, they are not fireproof.

Floor safes of what brands do you offer?
We recommend that you buy floor safes from Hollon brand. Their products are known for top quality, well-thought-out design and affordable prices.

How much does floor safe cost?
In fact, floor safes come for sale for quite a low price. However, the price varies depending on the size and characteristics of the safe. The most expensive floor safe at our store costs $1070, the cheapest one is $592.