Best Gun Safe For Quick Access

Best gun safe for quick access

Our hectic life brings issues that require an immediate response. Otherwise, we can get in trouble. Thus, quick solutions are becoming more and more popular. We are looking for tools and ways that help reduce waiting time.

Things are even more serious when security goes upfront and several seconds of delay may cost lives. Quick access gun safe allows us to save time and hence avoid bad consequences. The feature can be achieved by convenient location, proper installation of a safe, fast opening door and a fingerprint lock.

Since you are here to find the best gun safes for quick access, run through our short synopsis of how to do it.

Types of gun safes with quick access

Quick access is an important characteristic for any safe. However, large storage is generally used for storing valuables that are not needed at hand every day unlike a small home safe, a portable pistol safe, and a compact bedside aka nightstand safe. The main purpose of such devices is to safeguard guns and other critical stuff the need for which can occur at any moment. It means they should be installed where they can be easily reached out and not cluttered so that they can be instantly opened.

Bedside Gun Safes

In order to be quickly accessible, bedside gun safes are placed either in a linen closet, under the bed or in a nightstand. Any place close to the owner. Quick access gun safes of the mentioned types are light and compact but they can be bolted down for stronger security. The main advantages of such storage is affordable price, small size (it doesn't take a lot of useful space and can be always at hand, yet hidden) and simple & quick access.

Biometric gun safe

The accessibility of the safe is not determined by its location only but also by a type of lock. A gun safe with a fingerprint lock provides a much faster opening than the one with a dial or key lock. A biometric home safe is opened in one or maximum two seconds. In comparison, a digital lock requires up to 6 seconds to unlock and it takes up to 10 -15 seconds to find a key and open a mechanical safe. In addition, there is no need for the owner to remember a code nor to find and fumble with a key.

Hand gun safes

If you want a handgun safe to provide you with quick access, you need to put it in an accessible place. It can be installed on a middle shelf of a closet, mounted to the wall, hidden in the floor, or put under the seat of your car. The place should allow full door opening and be lit enough so that you can easily reach your weapons. A biometric handgun safe will definitely provide faster access than any other safe without a fingerprint lock.

Best quick access gun safes

What makes a great quick access gun safe? First of all, the safe should be made by a reliable manufacturer, otherwise you may not be sure about its quality and security level. Besides, cheap gun safes with fingerprint access built by suspicious manufacturers have poor quality locks. Bad biometric locks may provide inaccurate recognition, slow unlock speed and can be easily hacked.

And lastly, the best safes with quick access feature automatically open door once the lock is unlocked. The characteristic is achieved with a spring loaded door or compression gas strut.


To sum up all mentioned above, we may conclude that a quick access gun safe features special design which means a quickly unlocked locking mechanism and automatically opened door. Meanwhile all the features don't make any sense if the safe is installed or kept in a place with low accessibility. Buy a safe with the latest high quality biometric lock and spring loaded door, put it in an uncluttered, well lit place. And here you are with the best quick access gun safe.

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Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper Las Vegas
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Kirillo Byelin