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More about small safes with electronic lock for handguns

No wonder that digital handgun safes are among the most popular ones. They are neither so old-fashioned as mechanical ones nor so highly technological as biometric ones. A small gun safe with a keypad offers immediate access and convenience to use. Any person who knows the combination of digits can open it, however, there is no hassle with keys which you may lose or forget. An electronic pistol safe has a useful setting like a burglar alarm. Besides, an owner can easily change the secure combination, which is not possible to do with a mechanical safe. Compared to biometric safes, electronic ones come for sale much cheaper.

Choosing best digital handgun safe

Digital handgun safes are not all the same. Therefore, pursuing the idea to buy the best one, you should focus on your needs. It means choosing storage of proper size, characteristics, convenience, and affordable price. If you have decided to purchase a safe with an electronic lock, opt for a high-quality mechanism. The best digital locks are manufactured by professionals. For instance, the S&G group is known for supreme quality locking mechanisms.

Electronic pistol safe size

A buyer may find a handgun safe with an electronic lock of different variations in terms of dimensions. At our store, average storage of such type is neither large nor small, intended to accommodate more than one handgun. The unit features 20" width and depth and 30" height.


Materials an electronic pistol safe is made from should also influence your choice of storage. The best material is from 7 up to 12 gauge thick steel. Check if the parts of the unit such as the door, bolts, and other hardware are also made of strong steel. Also mind that a safe that comes in an anti-scratch, durable finish will serve you longer.

Сonvenience and capacity

The most important characteristic of an electronic lock is that it is the most convenient to use. Quick access digital pistol safe is a real bestseller as it doesn`t require keys, is opened and closed immediately, and is sometimes equipped with an anti-theft alarm. The capacity of storage is determined by proper interior dimensions and design. A flexible, adjustable shelving system also facilitates arranging the content of the storage.

Digital handgun safe manufacturers

If a digital handgun safe is manufactured in the USA by famous American brands, it is sure to be of impeccable quality, equipped with a reliable locking mechanism and other important features, and offers proven burglary protection. At our online store, you will find digital gun lock boxes & safes that can boast perfect design and quality as they are built by experienced manufacturers. The leaders within the segment are definitely Hollon, Fort Knox, and Browning brands.

Questions & Answers

What is a digital handgun safe?
An electronic handgun safe is equipped with a digital lock. It is opened and closed by pressing the required combination on the keypad. A digital handgun safe can also include an alert alarm which makes it more secure.

What size are digital handgun safes?
As a rule, a digital handgun safe is a small or mid-sized portable firearm vault. An average one features something like height: 15.5"; width: 19.5"; depth: 19.5". However, there are much larger handgun safes with electronic locks available for sale at our store.

Are digital handgun safes reliable?
A handgun safe with an electronic lock is really reliable if it is built by a proven reputed manufacturer in compliance with standards. In addition, it offers faster access that also increases security; and less wear and tear than mechanical locks.

How much does an electronic handgun safe cost?
The price for electronic handgun safe is lower than for a biometric one. But it doesn't depend exceptionally on the locking system. The price range for a digital handgun safe at our store varies approximately from $200 to $7K.

Digital handgun safes of what brands do you offer?
We offer to buy electronic pistol safes & gun cases from proven American brands. Among the best we`d mention digital handgun safes made by Hollon, Fort Knox and Browning manufacturers.

If you're in the market for a small digital safe to store your handgun, you'll want to read "Mechanical vs Electronic Safe Lock" to weigh the pros and cons of each lock type and choose the best one for your needs.