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Rifle gun safes with biometric lock

Biometric gun safes offer a solution to the problem of forgetting a combination or a key to the lock. Fingerprint gun safes provide faster access to the content even in panic situations. Biometric lock gun safes leave no chances for burglars or kids to pry in, as there is no possibility to guess the combination. Up-to-date biometric safes allow their owners to store more than one fingerprint, which makes them even more convenient to use. If you would like to buy a rifle safe and forget about hassles with remembering codes or always having keys on you, choose a biometric long gun safe. All our safes listed below come for sale with biometric lock customization option.

Advantages of gun safe with biometric lock:

  • no codes needed;
  • no need to carry a key;
  • multi-user access (biometric lock gun safes can store many fingerprints);
  • quick access;
  • better security due to high identification accuracy.

Biometric fireproof rifle safe

By choosing a biometric fireproof gun safe, you receive reliable storage. A smart lock will not allow burglars to break in, and a fire-resistant body will not allow fire to get in. Biometric safes offer from 45 to 120 minutes of fire resistance within the temperature range 1200-1800 °F. There are also fire rated models. The fire resistance of such safes is approved by independent laboratories.


Depending on your needs and requirements, you may buy either a large fingerprint gun safe or a small biometric rifle safe. There are a lot of options with biometric locks available for sale. However, big and tall biometric safes are among the most popular. An example of a large model features 72.0" in height, 59.0" in width, 27.0 " in depth.

Variations of biometric gun safes

Biometric gun safes are represented on the market in several variations. As was mentioned before, quite common is a biometric gun safe for pistols and rifles. These safes are tall and wide. Another popular type is a small and light bedside or nightstand biometric gun safes. They are small and can be easily transported. Wall mounted biometric gun safe is one more variation. That can be easily hidden between wall studs.

Best gun safe with fingerprint lock

Top rated fingerprint gun safes are made of high quality materials and come with a sophisticated locking mechanism. The best biometric lock has a perfect fingerprint scanner and recognition system, so that robbers have no chance to open the safe. However, such locks allow immediate and the easiest access for a gun safe owner.


There are various biometric rifle gun safes for sale to choose from. They differ by size, features, fire rating, quality, etc. The price for a fingerprint safe depends on the mentioned above characteristics but also on how reliable the lock is. It should be admitted that a gun safe with a biometric lock costs more than a similar storage with electronic or mechanical locks. But it`s definitely worth the money.

Questions & Answers

What is a biometric gun safe?

Biometric gun safes are built for fast and reliable access. In order to open a biometric lock, an owner doesn`t need to have a key or remember a code. The system recognizes unique fingerprints of the owner and allows access.

Are biometric gun safes reliable?

Yes, they are. Fingerprint gun safes are very reliable because only the safe owner can open the one. Biometric safes allow no opportunities for burglars to pry into them.

How does a biometric gun safe work?

Biometric storage is a gun safe with fingerprint recognition. The lock scans the prints, verifies them, and only then allows opening. A gun safe with biometric lock grants the fastest and easiest access, and is really secure.

Gun safes with biometric lock of what brands do you offer?

We would recommend you buying gun safes with a biometric lock designed by Fort Knox and Browning. These are reputable American brands with a huge experience in safe manufacturing.

How much does a fingerprint gun safe cost?

The price for such a unit depends on a number of factors. Such as size, included features, the thickness of steel it is built from. The best biometric gun safe cannot be cheap; the average price for it is from $1,100 to $25,000.

The article "Biometric Gun Safes: What You Need to Know" provides valuable insights into the world of biometric security for firearms. It offers essential information that will enhance your understanding of this topic.