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More About Thin And Small Gun Safes for Closet

Closet gun safes are mostly floor standing, tall and not wide units. They are designed to fit in a closet-sized space. The best closet gun safe is the one that offers top protection from burglars, strong fire-resistance, convenient interior and pretty exterior designs. We have a wide selection of the units available for sale in a number of colors, finishes and dimensions to meet the needs of every potential buyer. If you are looking for a gun safe for closet, you may find both traditional and the latest models here. All units represented at our store are made exceptionally by reliable US manufacturers. You may buy them at the most attractive price from us.

How to choose the best closet gun safe

The best closet gun safe should meet the highest standards of the industry. It means a significant level of security and fire resistance. Therefore, it requires well-thought-out design, and high-quality material to be built from. In order to place a gun safe in closet, you need to consider available space for it. Thus, buying a storage you should carefully select the one that will fit in. Interior design of a unit is another important characteristic to take into account. The safe should include flexible shelves, racks and organizers for your ultimate convenience.


The most popular models are a tall&thin storage and a small gun safe for closet. They both fit perfectly as don`t take up useful space. A tall slim safe is good for storing long guns. It features from 21” to 30” width.  Yet a small unit can be a good choice for pistols and other valuables. Average dimensions of such box are 12” x 16” x14. The compact size makes the unit easy to hide on a shelf of a closet.

Locking mechanism

An ideal locking mechanism for a closet safe should be robust and enables quick access. In fact, the safes of the type often come for sale with either a mechanical or electronic lock. They are both good and can be just a matter of preference of a safe owner. Traditional mechanical lock requires less maintenance and no batteries, meanwhile a digital lock can come with an alarm system and allow immediate opening. If you place a gun safe in walk-in closet or a bedroom, you may even install a lock in the door of the room to transform it into a secure place.

Closet gun safes brands

Closet gun safes are highly demanded on the market. Therefore, plenty of manufacturers offer them for sale. Not all closet safes are equally good. If you want storage to protect your firearms and other valuables for years, don't settle for a cheap one. Closet gun safes produced by American brands are affordable and offer high quality, proven by a lifetime warranty. Choose among Browning, Champion, Fort Knox, Hollon, Safe guard and Superior models to rest assured that your precious stuff is in the right place.


The prices for closet gun safes vary depending on a number of factors. These are size, burglary rating, interior and exterior design and a lot of other features. However, the price range is not so wide. An average gun safe for closet costs from $1,000 to $ 2,500. But in case you want to buy the best closet gun safe from our store, you need to pay up to $5,000 for such one.

Questions & Answers

Are closet gun safes fireproof?
Not all of them. But the best closet gun safes include fireproof materials. Depending on the model, our safes are able to withstand from 50 to 120 minutes of fire.

What sizes are closet safes?
Small closet safe for guns is the one that is thin. As a rule such a safe features 21-30" W, 20" D, 51-60" H.

How many rifles can fit in a closet safe?
Small rifle safe for closet can accommodate up to 20 guns. But we would recommend you not to overload them, in order to provide quick access to your firearms and protect your weapons from being scratched and damaged by one another.

How much does a closet gun safe cost?
The prices vary depending on size, design, fire and burglary rating. A small gun safe for closet with modest design, significant level of security and fire protection costs $1,500 on average.

Gun safes for closet of what brands do you offer?
We offer closet gun safes designed in the USA. At our store you may find an abundant choice of safes from Hollon, Fort Knox, Safe Guard, Superior, Champion and Browning brands.

Closet gun vaults provide a discreet and space-saving solution for firearms storage, but it's important to keep them hidden. Find out how to keep your closet gun safe hidden yet accessible with our guide "How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight".