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Trust Rhino Home Safes for the ultimate protection of your home valuables. We have a wide variety of Rhino home safes for sale in different styles, sizes, and features. We are honored to be a Rhino Metals authorized dealer as the safes are made with the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

All safes come with CA DOJ certified or complient, and fire protection up to 80 minutes. Rhino Metals home safe prices can vary depending on the series, model, color, lock type, interior options, and accessories, and range from $758 to $2,088 for the base configuration.

Buy Rhino home safe today and experience the security and style of a Rhino product.

Rhino Home Safes Features

Rhino Home Safes High Security Level

High Security Level

Rhino home safes are the ultimate choice for protecting and securing your valuables. They are made of durable steel and feature tamper-proof and anti-theft technology. Rhino safes strike a balance between security and affordability, making them excellent choices for home use.

Every Rhino Home Safe Has Excellent Fire Protection

Excellent Fire Protection

Rhino Metals home safes feature excellent fire-resistant technology with an external hinge design and heat-activated fire seal. Heat activated Palusol® fire seal expanding up to 8 times its size, helps keep out heat and smoke. With fire ratings ranging from 40 to 80 minutes, these safes safeguard your valuables even during emergencies.

Rhino Safes Great Design

Great Design

Rhino home safes offer a range of sizes, designs, and ratings to suit your needs and preferences. Rhino safes for home are designed to combine style and security. These safes also have a customizable interior with adjustable shelves, drawers, and racks to fit your valuables.

Rhino Metals American Brand

American Brand

Rhino home safes are manufactured with an unwavering commitment to excellence and superior quality. The company produces robust and reliable safes designed to safeguard both firearms and prized possessions. Rhino Metals epitomizes American ideals, championing values of liberty and independence.

Rhino Home Safes Prices

Series Base price range, $
Longhorn $328 - $818
C $1,888 - $2,318
Strongbox $2,088 - $2,408