Electronic Gun Safes

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More About Electronic Gun Safes

Electronic gun safes are equipped with a keypad which helps operate the locking mechanism. A digital gun safe allows the owner to open it within a second without any extra tools. Compared to mechanical locks which require a locksmith to change the combination, electronic ones allow the owner to change the code as many times as needed without extra costs. It also means that digital locks enable many users, in comparison to biometric ones, and they could be useful in a commercial field. Buy one of our gun safes with electronic lock customization option at best price.

Questions & Answers

What is an electronic gun safe?
An electronic gun safe comes with an electronic lock. The one has a keypad that allows entering the combination of digits and the circuit that verifies it and unlocks the safe. An electronic gun safe is also equipped with an auto-relocking feature.

Are digital gun safes safe?
Certainly. A digital combination gun safe has so many possible options of passcodes, that it will take a robber years to open it. Furthermore, modern electronic locks are as robust as mechanic ones in terms of structure.

What are the advantages of electronic gun safes?
The main advantage of such storage is to make the life of the owner easier. Digital locks allow fast access and the possibility to change passcode whenever you need it, block unauthorized attempts to open it, etc. You can also buy an electronic gun safe with key backup if you want to; but good quality storage doesn`t require any hassle with keys.

Electronic gun safes of what brands do you offer?
We offer electronic gun safes of only proven American brands. Among the best, we`d mention the units from Fort Knox, Superior, Summit, and SafeGuard manufacturers. If you want a fireproof electronic gun safe, consider the one from Browning, Dakota, Hollon, and Champion brands.

How much does a digital gun safe cost?
The price for sale for a digital keypad gun safe depends on the number of features it is equipped with, size, what level of fire resistance it has, etc. The price range at our store is between $1,000 and $25,000.