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Hollon Safes

Like any others, Hollon Gun Safes are built with the intention to provide a secure storage for weapons and ammunition. It means that having such an item, an owner can be sure that neither kids nor other unqualified people will have access to firearms. Unlike a lot of other brands, Hollon offers for sale gun safes assembled in the USA which means unprecedented quality. Moreover, compared to the items from leading manufacturers, gun safes from Hollon are even more robust as they are built from steel which is hundreds percent thicker. The brand also focuses on meeting the highest standards in terms of design. That is why their products are well known for their durability. Despite all mentioned above, Hollon gun safes do not cost a fortune, rather they come for a really affordable price. Hollon gun safes prices range from $1,143 to $4,236 for the base configuration.

Hollon Gun Safes Series

More About Hollon Safes

Hollon Fire And Burglary Gun Safe Limited Warranty

The Hollon Lifetime Fire Guarantee

Hollon offers fire and burglary gun safe limited warranty. If an item was bought after January 1, 2009 and was spoilt by break-in or fire, an original consumer purchaser can have it fixed for free. For that, the gun safe together with a police or fire department report should be sent back to the factory.

Hollon Safes Are Designed With Highest Industries Standards

The Highest Standard Of Design

Hollon gun safes have a well-thought-out design where every detail is important. Therefore, the products of the brand are very convenient to use and promise to serve their owners for many years. Moreover, gun safes built by Hollon manufacturer even exceed the industry standard in terms of design.

Hollon Produces High Quality Gun Safes

The Highest Standard Of Durability

Gun safes from Hollon have a long lifespan as they are built from top quality thick steel and with thorough attention to details that American manufacturers are known for. Even the interior of Hollon products is finished with special trim, and a door organizer is made from heavy canvas for the purpose.

Hollon is a Fastest Growing Safe Company in the USA

America’s Fastest Growing Safe Company

Hollon brand has been the most rapidly growing safe manufacturer in the USA for years. The tendency is determined by the products of unprecedented quality which offer even more than the industry standards require. And also affordable prices which are up to 50% less than the ones for competitors` products.

Every Hollon Gun Safe Is Tested To Confirm The Burglary And Fire Ratings

Strength In Quality

Hollon manufacturer never sacrifices the quality of their products. They apply the best practices acquired from more than thirteen years of experience to build perfect gun safes. In order to make top products where every element is considered, Hollon team conducts serious testing and strict inspection.

Hollon Safe Company Maintains Contact With Its Locksmiths And Customers

Strength In Community

Hollon brand is not a corporation rather it is a family business. They try to build friendly relationships with dealers, locksmiths and customers and treat them as family members. The Hollon team strives for long term collaboration. The brand also returns 10 % of their revenue for charity purposes.