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More About Through The Wall Safes

Through the wall drop safe is a good invention which allows the owners to make deposits form the outside of the locked safe and get them from inside. As a through the wall safe is mounted to the wall or door, it becomes hidden from robbers and allows saving useful space of the room. A good quality unit provides top notch protection from burglars, being equipped with all security features. Some of the safes come for sale loaded with heavy duty dead bars, sophisticated locking systems and drill resistant hard plates. People buy through the wall depository safes for being used in schools, apartments, car rental services, utility companies.

Questions & Answers

What is a through-the-wall safe?
Through-the-wall safe is placed between the walls of a room. Their special design enables hiding them from burglars. They are equipped with a slot for dropping stuff and a door to put in and take out the valuables.

What is the advantage of the through the wall drop safe?
The main advantage of a through-the-wall safe is that it can be fixed on the walls and save useful space in the room. It also can be concealed between the walls which provides extra safety to valuables. A through-the-wall drop safe is really convenient as it allows everyone to drop stuff into the slot, but only people who know the lock combination can open it.

Where through the wall drop safe can be used?
Through the wall drop safes are especially convenient for commercial purposes. They can be used in stores, hotels, cafes, gas stations and other such places.

Through the wall safes of what brands are available at your store?
The Safe Keeper collaborates only with proven American brands who have never compromised the quality of their safes. Therefore, at our store you can buy a high quality through-the-wall safes built by Hollon brand, which is among the flagmans on the market.

How much does a through the wall depository safe cost?
The price for through the wall deposit safe varies depending on a manufacturer, included features, design and size. The approximate cost for such a storage is between $600-$800.