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More About Fireproof Safes for Documents

To ensure the safety place your important documents in a fireproof paper safe. All document safes from The Safe Keeper are both fire-resistant and have solid protection from burglary. Our fireproof document safes have many dimension options to fit any room interior. All document safes for sale are very capacious inside. The safes for papers are fitted out with adjustable shelves for more convenience. Besides, we offer only quality home document safes of well-known brands.

Choosing best document safe

Some documents kept at home have a very high price, the others are priceless. Therefore, it is really important to buy a good home document safe to protect them. Buying one is not as easy as it seems, as the market offers a wide choice of safes for important documents at different prices. In order to choose good storage for the purpose and not to overpay, a future owner needs to consider several factors. These are levels of burglary and fire protection, and capacity of the unit. Speaking about the latter, we mean that the safe should be able to accommodate A4 and other legal size documents.


Although size is a matter of preference and necessity, small document safes are sold more often. As they can be hidden easier, and cost cheaper. The best small safe for documents should be a bit more than 8.3 x 11.7 inches, able to accommodate A4 format docs. However, a large fireproof safe for documents is also a good idea. As you can keep there not only precious papers but also photos, flash drives, and other memorabilia.

Fire rating

Besides thieves, there is another danger an owner of precious documents may encounter. It`s fire. In order to keep peace in mind and be sure that your valuables are not exposed to danger, it is worth choosing among the best fireproof safes for documents. A significant level of fire resistance is 2 hours at 1850°F. But if you cannot afford to buy a safe with such an attribute, choose the one with either 90 min, 60 min, or at least a 30-minute factory-tested fire resistance.

Fireproof waterproof document safe

A quality fireproof safe is equipped with water-resistant technologies, as a rule. Some of them offer hours of powerful protection from water intrusion. A fire and waterproof document safe comes with a seal and/or a special design that insulate the interior of the storage.


A top-notch lock is probably the most critical feature of a safe for important documents. It should be pry-resistant, reliable, and convenient to use. It could be a Spartan or Titan D-Drive digital lock. If you want to have immediate access and avoid hassle with remembering the combination, you may choose to buy storage with a biometric locking mechanism. A document safe with a combination lock is cheaper and requires neither batteries or electricity.

Fireproof document safes manufacturers

Choosing storage for papers from a well-known reliable manufacturer, a safe owner may be absolutely sure that such a safe has a proper design and is built from quality materials. If a trustworthy manufacturer announces a unit as a fireproof safe for documents, rest assured the storage is equipped with all important features and has the required characteristics. From our experience, the best home safes for documents are built by Hollon, Stack-on, Browning, and Fort Knox companies.

Questions & Answers

Are all home document safes fire resistant?
The fire rating may vary depending on the model. The vaults available at our store are of the highest US quality. Therefore, most of our document safes are fire resistant.

What are the main advantage of fireproof document safes?
The purpose of fireproof document safes is not only to protect papers from being stolen but also to keep the valuables safe in case of fire. The main advantage of such storages is their high level of fire and water resistance. Some of fireproof document safes offer 2 hour fire rating at up to 1850° F which is much more compared to other home safes.

How to keep important documents safe?
Apparently home document safes provide the most secure place for keeping important papers at home. Since they are designed with the intention of protecting documents from burglars, fire, water, and humidity.

Document safes of what brands are available at your store?
The Safe Keeper sells document safes from reputable US brands. We have been an authorized dealer of Hollon, Browning, Fort Knox, Dakota, and Stack-On brands which offer high quality document safes for home.

How much does a fireproof document safe cost?
The prices for fireproof document safes vary depending on its size, level of security and fire resistance it provides, and built-in features. The Safe Keeper offers a wide choice of safes within the price range from $172 to $10,384.