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Fort Knox Home Safe will safeguard your valuables 24/7 no matter if you are at home or on vacation. Buying Fort Knox Home Safe, you obtain a storage with a high thickness steel body, which can stand 90 minutes against 1680° fire. The safes are protected against break-ins with a drill deflector bolt guard, drill stop hard plate and other features. Being an authorized dealer of the brand, we can confidently say that all Fort Knox Home Safes for sale have the characteristics of more expensive vaults but come at affordable prices. The price of a new Fort Knox home safe could range from $2,508 to $12,507 for the base configuration.

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More About Fort Knox Home Safes

Fort Knox Gun Safes Provide The Best Burglary Protection

Excellent Theft Protection

A home safe with excellent theft protection is built by Fort Knox. They have used the best quality steel; equipped the safe with boltworks, high security door and door defence system to achieve the result. But a safe owner can reinforce the security by adding optional features offered by Fort Knox.

Every Fort Knox Safe Has Outstanding Fire Protection

Leading Fire Protection

Fort Knox manufacturer builts their home safes with top fire protection. They lined their products with hydrogen bond fireboard blend and locked by stud welding. Fort Knox home safes have Inferno Shield fire protection. It means that they can withstand highest temperatures for a long period of time.

Lifetime Warranty on Fort Knox Safes

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty is a significant bonus provided by Fort Knox for their home safe owners. If there is a defect in any part of the vault, an original buyer can quickly have it removed or fixed; or have the detail replaced. The warranty covers any component of Fort Knox products for unlimited time.

Every Fort Knox Gun Safe is 100% manufactured in the USA

Made In The USA

Fort Knox home safes have a great honor to be 100% American made. Being built in the USA means excellent quality of materials and careful approach to each detail. Fort Knox engineers put a lot of effort to create the vaults with convenient interior and fine protection from fire and thieves.