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More About Data And Media Safes

Any data and media safe is built to keep anything from USB sticks and other digital storages to laptops, tablets, and cameras in. Media safes come for sale equipped with a UL-listed enclosure which enables a significant protection from fire at high temperatures. Compared to ordinary storages which protect from fire damage, fireproof safe for digital media keeps the inner temperature cool, as electronic devices are damaged even by heat. Moreover, data protection safes can prevent from electrostatics, dust, magnetic fields, accidental damages and unauthorized access. The Safe Keepers offers quality fireproof data safes for an attractive price, so that you can choose one which will meet your needs.

Choosing Data Media Safe

There is a misconception that any fire-resistant safe can protect digital media from melting in case of fire. Keep in mind, that only data media safes have a special construction that allows keeping the inner temperature cool in the event of fire. Data media safes can vary in size, burglary and fire rating, design, and locking mechanism. Consider all the factors while choosing the best storage for your media stuff.


As we mentioned, data and media safes can be of different sizes and dimensions. There are tall media storages that can reach up to 40" height as well as wide data safes that have more than 500" width. If you need storage for commercial purposes, you may find a huge and capacious one. However, generally, people buy compact media safes for home use. And example of one features 16 7/8" (H) x 11 1/8" (W) x 9 1/2" (D) of inside dimensions.

Fire Rating

The best fireproof media safe offers 2 hours of general fire resistance and at least 1 hour of preventing media content from melting. It has up to 1832°F outside fire rating. Data media safes are also rated for inside temperatures to remain below 125 degrees F. As data stuff spoils at higher temperatures. If you want to be 100% sure that the storage is fireproof, choose a UL® Class one.

Locking Mechanism

A locking mechanism is another important consideration for a buyer of a media safe. It should be robust, convenient to use, and allow quick access. S&G UL Listed lock is a smart solution as it offers proven protection. A combination Dial Lock requires neither electricity nor batteries, and they are cheaper. Meanwhile, an electronic lock is faster to open, and its combination is easy to change. Choose the one which caters to your preferences.

Data Media Safes Manufacturers

Buying a data media safe from a proven manufacturer, you can be absolutely sure that the storage complies with the highest standards of burglary and fire protection. American manufacturers are among the best in the market. Among the leaders, we would mention the Hollon brand. It is known for its top-quality data media safes.

Questions & Answers

What is a media safe?
Media safes, also called data safes are equipped with an enclosure. This is a special equipment which allows to protect media devices from heating, electrostatics, dust, magnetic fields, etc.

What is the difference between fire safes and data media safes?
Fire safes protect the content from fire damage for an hour or two. Meanwhile data media safes keep the temperature inside the safe cool, and protect electronic devices from heating. Data safes also prevent from damages caused by dust, moister and magnetic fields.

Are all data safes fire rated?
Certainly. The main requirement for quality media safes is that they should be fire rated. However, if you look for data safes which offer higher fire rating buy the ones mentioned as fireproof.

Data and media safes of what brands do you offer?
At our store you can find only data and media safes from reputed American brands. We would recommend you to choose a data safe from Hollon brand which is known for high quality products and affordable prices.

How much does a data media safe cost?
The price for media safes depends on its quality, size and features. However, they are generally a bit more expensive than other home safes. Data safes at our store cost from $623 to $1,723.