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Dakota Home Safes

Safes of Dakota Safe Company are an excellent choice for keeping your valuables secure and protected. Dakota safes for homes offer the optimal combination of cost and value. Dakota home safes for sale have only the most essential vault features; the best fire-proofing, a high degree of pry-proofing and a convenient door organizer system. Whether you need a safe for your documents, jewelry, or other belongings, Dakota home safes is the ideal option to suit your preferences and budget.

Being the authorized dealer, The Safe Keeper offers safes of Dakota manufacturer for the most affordable prices! We also promise our customers quick delivery together with fast and simple installation.

Dakota Home Safes List

More About Dakota Safes

Dakota Safes Provide Fire Protection At The Highest Level

High Fire Protection

Dakota® Safe Company take fire protection very seriously. Dakota safes have special material layers in the body, a Palusol Heat seal and a composite door to increase their fire resistance. They can withstand up to 2 hours of fire at 1250° degrees temperature.

Dakota Home Safe Comes With High Level Of Security

Enhanced Security

Dakota safes possess exceptional security attributes that render them significantly more robust compared to alternative safes. The inclusion of Anti-Pry Tabs ensures that the bolts remain immobilized in the event of an intrusion. The unique design of Dakota's Slip Clutch prevents the door from detaching or falling away.

Dakota Offers High Quality Home Safes At an Affordable Price

Affordable Price

Dakota brand aims to provide low-cost safes of the best quality. All our safes have only the most essential features without any extra ones that can raise the price. We are happy to offer mid-range and higher safes to meet all our customers' needs.

Dakota Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dakota Company offers a lifetime warranty for safes damaged by unlawful forced entry or fire, if not covered by insurance. The customer must send the safe and a report to Dakota Safe Co. or its agent for evaluation and replacement. Dakota decides where to repair or replace the warranty and is not liable for any contents of the safe or any other conditions of use.