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More About Digital Safes For Home

Electronic home safes are easy-to-use and provide immediate access for the owner. Another advantage of digital home safes is their highest level of security. Compared to dial locks which allow only a 4 to 10 digit combination, electronic lock combination can be as complex as the owner would like. Some electronic lock home safes come for sale with an alarm that activates when the lock is attacked or when a wrong password has been used many times. Buying a safe with a digital lock the owner can use a time delay option which limits the frequency of opening. Unlike biometric or key lock safes, keypad safe boxes can be used by several people if they know the password.

Advantages of digital lock safes

The main advantage of a digital lock safe, compared to traditional key storage, is no hassle with losing or looking for a key. Electronic safe requires a special code for opening. No-key concept enables more reliability, as no one can steal or copy the key to reach the content of the safe. Moreover, safes with an electronic lock allow a safe owner fast access and convenience as well as significant protection from fire and burglars.

Easy to use

Being really easy to use, electronic safes for home are really popular nowadays. They don't require special skills to be used and allow really quick opening. Some of the safes of the type are compact and light. They can be easily portable from one place to another. They need minimum maintenance. Digital lock safes enable owners to change the password whenever they want it.

High level of security of digital safe

A good quality digital safe for home is built from thick steel and equipped with loads of security features. It means impeccable protection from burglars and break-ins. Besides, safes with an electronic lock come with highly secure modern encryption technologies and additional protective elements like break-in alarm.

Digital home safes with EMP resistant lock

The best digital safe for home is the one that is equipped with a top security lock. Such a lock may be built only by professional manufacturers. But it is also important to consider that the lock should withstand any EPM attack. Only EMP resistant locks offer unprecedented security and full peace of mind that they will not be open with specialized burgar tools.

Questions & Answers

What is a digital home safe?

Digital home safes are equipped with an electronic lock which allows fast and easy access. You just need to enter a code on a digital keypad to open the lock.

What are the advantages of digital locks?

First of all digital locks are very simple to use and allow fast access. Secondly, home safes with an electronics lock have the highest level of security. The lock offers thousands of possible combinations. Thirdly, in case when a wrong code has been entered several times, an alarm will activate.

What's the difference between a mechanical lock and a digital lock?

A mechanical dial lock can be programmed with a 4 to 10 digit combination whereas a digital lock allows as complex code as the user needs. Mechanical locks operate without any batteries and electricity which are required for digital locks.

Digital home safes of what brands do you offer?

Being an authorized dealer of only proven American manufacturers, we offer digital home safes made by reputed US brands. We think that the best electronic home safe is built by either of the Hollon, Browning, Fort Knox, and Champion companies.

How much does a digital home safe cost?

At our store, you may find digital home safes for a wide price range. The costs for the storage depend on size, included feature, level of fire resistance and security. The prices for our safes vary from a lit bit less than $180 to a bit more than $12,500.

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