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More About TL-30 Safes

TL-30 safes provide ultimate security and reliability. These are burglary safes which means unprecedented protection from the most sharp-witted criminals and the strongest tools. We know that for sure, as any of our TL-30 rated safe has undergone careful testing in a laboratory conducted by professionals. The units also come for sale featuring incredible fire resistance. They are able to withstand up to 2 hours in fire whilst the exterior temperature is 1750°. If you seek for complete peace of mind that your valuables are in the right place, buy a TL-30 Safe. There are plenty of units available in various sizes at our store.

TL-30 safe weight

TL-30 safe is built of thick steel and equipped with additional security features like a lot of locking bolts, a hard plate, etc. It means that this type of safe cannot be light. In general, safes of this rating range from 400 to 3650 pounds. But according to construction requirements safes lighter than 750 pounds need to be anchored to a concrete floor.


As for dimensions, TL30 rated safes can be quite different. Depending on you needs, you may choose a small and short, a long and thin, or a long and wide TL30 safe. A small model that features 15.5” H x 19.5” W x 19.5” D is good for keeping documents, jewelry and handguns. A long and wide model 72" H x 35" W x 29.5" D is appropriate for storing long guns or a lot of other valuables.


Speaking about manufacturers that build TL 30 burglary safes, it is worth mentioning that there are not so many. These are leading USA brands. Among bestsellers are safes made by Hollon, Browning and Pacific Safe Manufacturing. They are companies known for high quality products with good reputation on the market.

Questions & Answers

What is TL-30 safe?
TL-30 safe has an unprecedented level of burglary and fire protection. It can resist a 30 minute pry attack done with the strongest mechanical and electrical hand tools.

How secure is a TL-30 safe?
A TL-30 safe is a perfect burglary safe. Before it comes for sale, it is tested by professionals who have to prove that it can withstand any hand tool attack for 30 minutes.

How much does a TL-30 safe weigh?
According to construction requirements a TL 30 safe weight should not be less than 750 lbs otherwise the storage should be anchored. The safes of the type at our store meet all the requirements.

Who manufactures TL-30 gun safes?
TL-30 safe is a high quality burglary safe which is mostly built by reputable US manufacturers. At our store you can buy TL-30 safe from one of the leaders on the market, Hollon brand.

How much does TL-30 safe cost?
The price of a TL 30 safe depends on a number of factors: size, type of the lock, design and others. The Safe Keeper offers top quality TL-30 safes for sale. You can buy them for $1,790 maximum and $10,512 minimum price here.