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Hotel Safes For Sale

Hotel safes do not offer a high level of security nor fire resistance. Therefore, they are not intended for storing very expensive valuables or guns. However, they are easy to install, maintain and come for sale for a pretty low price. That is why safes for hotels are bought not only for hospitality business but also for personal needs. People who travel a lot, may have such a storage for transportation of their cameras, laptops, and jewelry in a car. The unit is light and easily portable. Hotel room safes may also be bolted down for more security.

Questions & Answers About Hotel Room Safes

Are hotel room safes secure?

Hotel safes provide an entry level of security. It means that they are neither fire nor burglary-rated.

Do hotel safes have a master code?

A digital hotel safe comes for sale with a default factory code that is easy to guess. If hotel staff are responsible, they change it to master code. It is needed in case a guest forgets a code or checks out forgetting to unlock the safe.

What is the difference between hotel safe deposit boxes and in room safes?

Safes for hotels can be divided into 2 main categories. These are hotel safe deposit boxes that are kept close to the reception desk or a secure room. Unlike them in room hotel safes are placed in a guest room.

Hotel safes of what brands are available at your store?

At our store you can buy safes for hotel designed and built by Hollon brand. It is a proven American manufacturer known as one of the leaders in safe production.

How much does a hotel room safe cost?

In room hotel safe is quite affordable. You can buy one for approximately $100.

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