Fire and Water Resistant Safes

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Fire Water Resistant Safes

Fire and Water resistant safes are good for either commercial or residential use. Besides protection from burglary, they also offer significant protection from fire and water damages. Some fire & water resistant safes can provide twice more fire resistance than ordinary home safes. As a rule, such units come for sale with really thick walls and door. Fireproof water-resistant safe has airtight construction. It helps prevent water from getting inside in case of fire when a fireman’s hose or sprinklers are used. Depending on size, exterior design and included features, the price for the safe varies from a couple of hundreds to a few thousands.

Questions & Answers

What are fire and water resistant safes?
Fire and water resistant safe is the one that has an airtight construction. It protects content from quick fire damage and prevents water from getting inside in case fire sprinklers are used.

Are water resistant safe waterproof?
No, they are not waterproof. Water resistant safes can only prevent from some water getting inside.

How long can a fire water resistant safe last in a fire?
Average fire water resistant safes have from 1 hour of protection. The Safe Keeper offers the best fireproof and water resistant safes that can withstand up to 2 hours of fire.

How much does a fire and water resistant safe cost?
In general, a fire and water resistant safe is not expensive. However, the price for sale depends on a lot of other features. At our store you can buy one for the price range between $300 and $3,000.

Fire and water resistant safes of what brands do you offer?
We recommend buying fire and water resistant home safes from reliable US brands. One of our favourites is the Hollon brand.