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Safes for Office

Office safes are needed to keep cash and ensure security of business papers and devices with sensitive information. It means that they should provide ultimate protection from burglars. A good safe for office should be built from strong steel and come with a good locking mechanism. Interior design is also important. The storage should include shelves and drawers, so that a user can have quick access to them. A fireproof office safe is a great finding. It can protect valuables from both burglary and fire. Choosing the one, it is important to consider fire rating that can be from 1 to 2 hours. Office safes for sale are available within a wide price range. The price depends on included features, size and exterior design.

Office safes security level

The higher security level of an office safe, the more features it includes and the higher the price is. Not to overpay, you need to decide how valuable the content of the safe is. If you are going to keep precious papers, flash drives with sensitive information or much cash, then it makes sense to invest into an office safe with ultimate burglary protection. It means it should be made of high quality material, have a robust locking mechanism and be equipped with features that protect against drill attacks.

Fire rating

For some office safe owners, a significant fire rating is the first priority. In such cases we recommend buying a fireproof office safe. A storage with such characteristics is able to withstand 2 hours of fire at 1750°F. It also has a special design that prevents content heating and damage in case of fire.


The market offers a lot of office safes of various sizes. However, the most popular are either a small office safe or a large office one. The example of a small option is 21" (H) x 13" (W) x 18" (D). It can be easily hidden, takes little space and is not expensive. Large office safe is a sort of 63" (H) x 45" (W) x 25" (D). Such storage can provide a lot of useful place so that the owner can put all valuable things in one place, keep them in good order and easily accessible.

Locking mechanism

All top security safes for office are equipped with robust locking mechanisms. There are three options to choose from: a dial lock, an electronic lock, and a biometric lock. No matter what type of lock you choose for your safe, it is important to opt for a secure one. The level of security depends on the quality of the locking mechanism. The quality is proved by U.L. laboratories. For example, S&G lock is ul-listed which means a high level of security.


The security of an office safe depends on its location. It shouldn't be exposed to visitors. In order to hide safes for office use, the owners embed them in a wall or put in a cabinet. It makes sense to cover them with a picture or disguise as a piece of furniture. It is also a good idea to bolt an office safe down or install it on a concrete floor.

Questions & Answers

What are office safes?

Safes for office are needed to protect cash papers and devices from burglars and fire damages. They have a special design being equipped with drawers and shelves.

Are office safes fireproof?

It makes sense to buy a fireproof office safe. The majority of safes from reliable manufacturers have from 1 to 2 hours fire rating.

Are office safes good for home use?

Certainly. Whether you keep papers, cash or devices with sensitive information at home, office safes will be handy.

How much does an office safe cost?

The price for an office safe for sale depends on a number of features including size, type of lock, design and others. But on average you can buy an office safe within the price range between $500 to $4,500 at our store.

Office safes of what brands do you offer?

The Safe Keeper has been an authorized dealer of the leading office safes manufacturers. We offer safes for office from such proven brands as Hollon and Safe & Security Systems Co. Inc.

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