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Liberty Safe offers both Home and Premium models of home safes. The Home models feature a notable 60 minutes of fire protection and a high level of security. In contrast, the Premium models provide up to 90 minutes of fire protection and are equipped with a 1" composite door and longer 1.25" bolts for added security. All Liberty home and office safes come with an electronic lock, and various sizes and interior designs are available. As an authorized Liberty home personal safe dealer, The Safe Keeper offers a wide selection of products available in our Henderson showroom or through our online store.

Liberty Home Safes List

Liberty Home Safes Features

Liberty Safe's Unmatched Theft Protection

Unmatched Theft Prevention

Liberty Safe is a well-known brand and manufacturer of home safes that provides trustworthy and sturdy theft protection features to safeguard valuable items. The advanced security features of Liberty Safe ensure that your valuable belongings are protected and secure, giving you peace of mind against any possible theft or burglary.

Liberty Safe's Provide Unmatched Protection Against Fire

Fire Protection You Can Trust

Liberty Safe is a trusted brand that offers exceptional fire protection features for their home safes. With the brand's fire protection technology, you can rest easy knowing that your important documents, cash, and other valuables are safe and secure from the threat of fire.

Lifetime Lock Warranty on Liberty Home Safes

Lock Warranty

Liberty Safes provide a 5-year warranty on the lock for every safe they offer. Moreover, Liberty offers affordable extended warranty options on their locks, allowing you to choose between a 15-year or lifetime coverage. You can opt to extend your lock warranty in two ways: pay $69 to get an additional 10-year warranty or pay $129 to receive lifetime coverage.

Liberty Safe has Produced Premium Home Safes In The USA

Made In The USA

With over 30 years of experience in crafting high-quality safes, Liberty Safe has established itself as a reputable and trusted brand. A standout feature of Liberty home safes is that they are made in the USA, reflecting the manufacturer's commitment to using top-notch materials and skilled labor.