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More About Fort Knox Vault Doors

You will never regret installing Fort Knox Vault Doors to protect your safe room from intruders or disasters. All doors of the brand are known for their easy installation, outstanding fire protection and high robustness. The last one is achieved by the design of the doors which includes Unibody Quadra-Fold Construction, Dual Door Plates, Heavy Duty Corner Bolts and other useful features. Fort Knox doors are offered for sale in various colors and finishes and at a very pleasant price.

Questions & Answers

How heavy is the Fort Knox vault door?
The doors are quite heavy, as they are built from thick steel for more protection. A Fort Knox vault door weight varies from 1310 to 1610 lb.

How big are Fort Knox vault doors?
Whereas the height of the Fort Knox vault door is quite standard, the width may vary. At our store, there are Fort Knox vault doors of smaller width, from 40 to 50 inches, and wider from 50 to 60 inches.

Are Fort Knox vault doors fireproof?
Fort Knox vault doors are intended to protect from burglary. They have UL listed rating. But they are not fire tested.

How to install a Fort Knox vault door?
By using Fort Knox vault door installation instructions, a safe owner can handle the process. However, if you face complications with it, you can make use of the vault door installation service provided by the professional team of The Safe Keeper.

How much does Fort Knox vault door cost?
Being built from the thickest steel and loaded with a lot of security features, the Fort Knox vault door is worth every dollar of its price for sale. At our store, you can buy one within the price range from $6,427.00 up to $8,836.00.