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If you own a company, a gas station, a pharmacy, a convenience store, or other business, Hollon commercial safes will give you good use. They offer robust security and fire protection so that you will forget all your concerns regarding theft and fire issues. The units are built from the strongest steel, engineered with thorough approach to every detail, equipped with top quality locking systems, front bolts, locking bars, and heavy duty hinges. Besides, at our store you may find various Hollon business safe models. We have drop, jewelry, cash, office safes to meet any business demand. Hollon business safes prices range from $100 to $4,171 for the base configuration.

Hollon Commercial Safes List

More About Hollon Commercial Safes

Hollon Gives Lifetime Fire Guarantee For All Its Fireproof Safes

Lifetime Fire Guarantee

Hollon commercial safes offer 2 hour fire rating for 1700°F, which is quite remarkable protection from fire. Moreover, the brand is so certain that their safes are able to withstand any fire attack that they give their customers a lifetime fire guarantee on all their commercial safes.

Hollon Safe Company Offers Security Safes At an Affordable Price

Paying for Quality Not For A "Name"

Hollon is a reliable commercial safe manufacturer. Though the name is not so famous, the quality of the products is high. Hollon safes are built from the strongest steel, have excellent security and fire rating. Buying vaults from Hollon, our customer don`t splash out money on a promoted brand name.

Each Hollon Safe Is Designed In Keeping With Industries Standards

The Highest Standards In Design

Hollon commercial safes are built from the highest quality materials and with aim at the highest design standards. In order to make the safes convenient, strong and durable, Hollon applied well-elaborated approaches in design. The vaults of the brand have been highly rated by certified testing laboratories.

Every Hollon Safe Is Tested To Confirm The Burglary And Fire Ratings

Assembled In The USA

No wonder that Hollon commercial safes comply with the highest standards in the industry. The products of the brand are assembled in the USA with accuracy and attention to any even minor detail. The vaults are built of the highest quality materials and equipped with American and global parts.