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Fort Knox Safes

Consider Fort Knox safes for secure storage of your valuables or firearms. We offer a great choice of Fort Knox gun safes for sale at our store. They are available in various colors, steel thickness, sizes and additional features. We are proud to be a Fort Knox vaults authorized dealer as the safes are produced in the USA which means reliable and consistent quality.

All Fort Knox safes come water and fire resistant and with maximum breach security. Fort Knox gun safe prices can vary depending on trim, lightning and lock options, fabric and material quality, steel thickness, hinge type, etc. Fort Knox gun safes prices range from $2,622 to $27,505 for the base configuration.

Buy Fort Knox gun safe and enjoy legendary American quality and style! We ensure fast delivery and easy installation.

Fort Knox Gun Safes Features

Fort Knox Gun Safes Provide The Best Burglary Protection

Better Theft Protection Due To More Steel

Fort Knox’s products are made with the intention to enable impeccable protection against burglars. The engineers used the thickest steel and smart locking systems to achieve the goal. Fort Knox specialists know that perfection has no end and offer a lot of options to customize the safe to your demands.

Every Fort Knox Safe Has Outstanding Fire Protection

The Industry’s Leading Fire Protection

Fort Knox puts much efforts into developing strong protection from fire. It means the valuables inside the safe stay undamaged for the longest time and at the highest temperatures. The feature is achieved due to lining our safes with hydrogen bond fireboard blend and locking it by stud welding.

Fort Knox Offers Custom Made & Modular Interiors

Custom Made & Modular Interiors

Fort Knox allows their customers to build a vault according to their demands by choosing the color, steel thickness and options. There is no use to settle for what the market offers. With Fort Knox you can create your vault yourself starting with all-long gun safe and finishing with all-shelf storage.

Lifetime Warranty on Fort Knox Safes

Lifetime Warranty

Fort Knox ensures lifetime warranty which covers everything and even the components that are likely to tear and wear with time. Fort Knox guarantees that an original buyer has an opportunity of lifetime warranty for defects in material and workmanship of a vault from the date it will be delivered.

Every Fort Knox Gun Safe is 100% manufactured in the USA

100% American Made

Fort Knox can brag "America's Best" reputation that they achieved by working hard to provide flawless customer service and high-quality vaults with innovative design and good level of protection. Fort Knox products are made under a strict control to make sure the safes deserve to carry the brand name.

Fort Knox Gun Safes Prices

Series Base price range, $
Spartan $3,146 - $8,016
Maverick $2,622 - $4,734
Defender $3,832 - $8,944
Protector $4,200 - $9,487
Executive $4,972 - $10,184
Guardian $6,203 - $11,584
Titan $8,057 - $14,570
Legend $21,965 - $27,505