Wall Safe Vs Floor Safe: Making The Right Choice

There is no doubt that precious belongings should be kept in a secure place, aka safe. Today there are a wide variety of storages on the market, and it can be a challenge to make the right choice. When it comes to safes which offer double security, as they are hidden, a constant dilemma is - Wall safe vs Floor safe.

Here is a detailed overview of the main pros and cons that both hidden floor safes for home and wall mounted hidden wall safes have.

Wall Safe Vs Floor Safe: Making The Right Choice

Floor Safes Advantages & Disadvantages

Floor Safe Pros

The main floor safe pros are concealment, significant security, fire and water protection features, and versatility. Concealment means that floor safes are hidden. It is nearly impossible to find such a storage under carpets or being disguised as a floor, unless a robber knows where it is. Ideal floor safes have a high level of protection against burglars, fire and water. As a rule, they are encased in concrete, which leaves no chances for criminals to remove one. It is really important to choose a waterproof floor safe as any floor is prone to flooding. And lastly, the main advantage of floor safes over wall ones is their versatility. The owner can choose and install a floor safe of any size and dimension without any space limitations.

Floor Safe Cons

Despite many pros, there are also some floor safe cons, a future safe owner should consider before buying the one. It is really a hassle to install such a storage as it requires professional assistance, a lot of time and resources. Another significant minus of a floor safe is poor accessibility and inconvenience for regular use. For the same reason, in case of a flood, the contents of a floor safe can end up submerged in water if the safe is not waterproof. And lastly, if you ever need to relocate you cannot take a floor safe with you, as once it's installed it becomes part of the house.

Wall Safes Advantages & Disadvantages

Wall Safe Pros

It is worth admitting that whether it is an in wall gun safe or a wall office safe, it is probably the most convenient to use as it offers immediate accessibility to content. In addition, such a storage is hidden and not noticeable, which disables the burglars to find it easily. Moreover, a wall safe saves useful space in the room and is quite light hence easy to instal.

Wall Safe Cons

A wall mounted safe can not be heavy. Thus, it should not be large and made from thin steel. Consequently, such a storage cannot accommodate much stuff, and offers poor pry resistance.

Floor Safe Brands

It is really important to mention that not all floor safes for sale are of the same quality. It means that if you want to make use of all their benefits, we`d recommend you choosing the one from reliable American floor safe brands. For example, top quality commercial floor safes are built by one of the best US manufacturers, Hollon.

Wall Safe Brands

Likewise, wall safes are not of the same quality. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose the one from proven wall safe brands. For instance, the best models of Hollon wall mount gun safe offer reinforced security, a strong digital lock, and a key lock override system.


As far as our above overview shows, either the best floor safe for home or the best wall safe has its own pros and cons. It means that in order to make the right choice, you should take into consideration what you will keep in your safe, what your security concerns are, how often you`ll use your safe, and if you require a small or a large storage. For example, if you want to keep jewelry in the safe, you`d better choose a small built-in wall jewelry safe with a biometric lock, which will allow you fast access. However, if you want to hide gold or other valuables which you don't use frequently, then a large floor safe with a combination lock could be really handy. All in all, the choice is always yours.

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Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper Las Vegas
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Kirillo Byelin