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Small Safes for Pistols

Small pistol safes are good for keeping one or a few handguns. They are lightweight and can be easily portable. Such a storage is compact and little. An owner can hide it in a small drawer or a bedside table, put it in a car or have it with them while traveling. Being always close to an owner, it allows quick accessibility to firearms whenever needed. Another significant benefit of a small handgun safe is an affordable price. Despite its small size, such a unit may have a strong level of security and other good features.

Questions & Answers

How many guns can a small pistol safe hold?
Small flat single pistol safes are intended to keep only one pistol. They are small, lightweight and portable. However, there are small pistol safes for a few guns available on the market.

Are small pistol safes fireproof?
Small pistol safes are designed to be portable. Therefore, they don't require such a feature. Fireproof small pistol safes are not available at The Safe Keeper`s store.

How much does a small handgun safe cost?
Small handgun safes don't require a lot of material to be built. Hence, they come for not a high price, as a rule.