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More About Rotary Hopper Deposit Safes

Rotary hopper drop safe is a reliable place for secure storing of cash, receipts, bills and other important papers. Rotary drop safe has an outstanding design; it is equipped with a drum on the top of it that rotates when you turn the handle to put the things into the bottom of the safe. All top drop safes have advanced burglary defense; they come either with a dial or electronic lock and drilled mounting holes allowing to bolt the safe down.

Rotary hopper deposit safes for sale at our store are available in different sizes, colors and designs to satisfy all our customers' demands. Buy the rotary hopper depository safe you require and we will deliver it to your place in the blink of an eye. In addition, we can move and install the safe for you.

Questions & Answers

What is a rotary hopper deposit safe?
Rotary hopper deposit safe contains a drum on the top. A safe user needs to put a thing on the drum, and then turn the handle which will let the valuables drop inside.

Are rotary hopper deposit safes reliable?
All rotary drop safes have strong protection against burglars. They are made from solid steel, and equipped with heavy duty dead bar, drilled mounting holes and other things which reinforce the level of security.

What purposes are rotary hopper deposit safes used for?
Rotary hopper deposit safes are mostly used for storing cash. They are absolutely good choice for retail businesses and offices.

Rotary hopper safes of what brands are available at your store?
Being an authorized dealer of proven safe manufacturers, we offer rotary hopper safes of reliable US brands. We have a good collection of the safes of the kind from Hollon.

How much does a top loading rotary depository safe cost?
The price for a top-loading rotary depository safe for sale depends on its size, type of lock and other included features. But generally they are inexpensive. You can buy a good quality safe of the kind for $500- $800.