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More About Pistol Racks, Gun Magnets and Handgun Hangers

Pistol rack is a very handy to have in your gun safe. It accommodates several firearms, helps arrange things in a safe in order and efficiently use space inside a safe. A well-designed  handgun rack for safe fits any size gun and very convenient in use. Gun magnets and handgun hangers are two more possible devices  for comfortable  storage  of your pistols. They are placed above the shelves ( pistol safe rack is usually put underneath the shelves) and are suitable for even small gun vaults.

All the storage devices we offer are of excellent quality and made of the best finishes which don't allow any scratch to your guns. Buy either a handgun rack or a pistol magnet to increase useful capacity of your safe and have quick access to your firearms!

Questions & Answers

For which purpose you should use pistol racks in a gun safe?

Safe owners use pistol racks to place their handguns. Such a device helps save useful place in a storage, and keep guns easily accessible.

What types of pistol racks are there?

There are various types of pistol racks. They differentiate by a number of guns they can accommodate. They can be either vertical or horizontal; for long guns and short ones.

Pistol racks of what manufacturers are available at your store?

At our store you can buy pistol racks from leading American brands. Among the best we would mention Dakota and Gun Storage Solution manufacturers.

How much does a pistol rack cost?

At our store, there are various pistol racks for safes which differ in price. A single simple pistol rack is quite inexpensive (from $12).

How much does a gun magnet cost?

Gun magnets are available in different size options and characteristics. A good quality multi-mags gun rubber coated magnet cost $35.

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