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More About Narrow Gun Safes

Sorting through many reviews on the vaults to choose a narrow gun safe of a good quality? We are here to meet your demands. We have a nice selection of skinny gun safes with a width not exceeding 26" from reliable manufacturers. All our thin gun safes are quite compact to be fitted even in the smallest room space and they are tall to provide enough place for all your valuables as well as for long guns. The narrow gun safes for sale at our store have up to three layers of fire insulation and up to 9 locking bolts to protect your things from both thieves and dangers. Buy a narrow gun safe at up to 25 % off the full price now.

Questions & Answers

What narrow gun safes are for?
Narrow gun safes are generally tall, which allows their owners to keep long rifles in them. Such safes can be fitted even in the smallest room space, and save useful area for living.

How much does narrow gun safe cost?
The price of a narrow gun safe depends on its quality, size, interior and exterior design as well as included features. Apparently, such safes are a bit cheaper than wide vaults. The price range for narrow safes at our store is from $205.00 to $4,128.00.

Narrow gun safes of what brands are available at your store?
For years The Safe Keeper has been dealing exceptionally with proven American brands. Therefore, at our store we sell narrow gun safes of such reputed manufacturers as Fort Knox, Superior, Champion, Browning, Safe Guard and Stack-On.