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More About Used Safes

A used safe is a good alternative

If you are looking for a good storage for your valuables and guns but have a limited budget, consider a used safe. A lot of previously owned vaults have no damages at all, but their owners replaced them with newer or bigger ones. Even if a used safe is a bit scratched or has a broken detail, it still provides the same protection from fire, water and burglars as a new one. In addition, The Safe Keeper`s team inspect all products and furbish them and only then offers used safes for sale at best price.

How used safes are inspected and reconditioned

Before selling our used safes, we carefully inspect them. First of all, we check the locking system and doors to make sure that a vault can offer required protection. Then our team fixes interior damages like a broken shelf or rack if there are any. After that we lubricate moving parts of the door to insure it easy opening and closing. And lastly, our professionals refurbish interior and exterior of a used safe, so that it has a pleasant look.

Types of used safes

The Safe Keeper sells used safes of various types. Gun Safes, Home Safes, Jewelry Safes, Business Safes and everything in between. We try to purchase used safes of various security levels and price points to be able to accommodate most people's needs and budgets.

Choose a used safe of a high quality

To be sure that a used safe will serve you long, buy the one from a reliable manufacturer. Their products are built from top quality materials by following all safe manufacturing standards. It also makes sense to purchase from a reputable safe dealer. They check used safes and fix damages before they are sold. The Safe Keeper has been selling safes for over 30 years and we know what a quality safe looks like.

Questions & Answers

Is it worth buying a used safe?
If you need a safe but have a limited budget, a used safe from a reliable brand can be a better option than a low quality safe from an unknown manufacturer. Moreover, a lot of our used safes for sale have little to no damages which is like getting a brand new safe.

How much does a used safe cost?
As a rule of thumb, a used safe costs much cheaper than a new one. But if it is a high-end one, then it keeps its value well. At our store you can buy used safe for the approximate price which ranges from $400 up to $6,000.

Used safes of what brands do you offer?
We suggest buying used safes from reliable safe manufacturers. American brands have gained a good reputation on the market. You can choose a high quality used safe from Fort Knox, Browning, Amsec, Superior, Liberty and Champion Safes.