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Fireproof Safes for Home Use

There is no doubt that a fireproof safe should be in every home. Our life is full of surprises, therefore it's always a good idea to protect our precious things from unexpected dangers which can happen anytime. Choosing the best fireproof safe to buy for your residential, think about what protection you need, what size it should be, and the price you can afford to pay. The Safe Keeper offers an abundant variety of fireproof safes for home use for sale. There are steel fireproof home safes which can withstand external temperatures of up to 1700°F for 2 hours and the storages which will protect their content for 1 hour at 1832°F. You can also find good fire proof safes of absolutely different size for home use here. The costs of our fireproof security safes vary highly depending on the two characteristics mentioned above.

Choosing the best fireproof home safe

The best fireproof safe for home is the unit that offers not only significant protection from fire but also a sufficient burglary rating. Choosing storage for home valuables, consider what size it should be, what locking mechanism is the most convenient for you, and what interior design it offers to cater to your needs. The best home fireproof safe box for precious belongings should be made of high-quality thick steel and loaded with all important functions.

Fire rating

If you have made up your mind to buy a home fireproof safe, then carefully check the specifications. A fireproof feature means that the unit is able to protect content from heating and fire damage by keeping the safe's internal temperature below 350 degrees F. There are also fire-rated home safes. They offer different protection from fire. The fire rating of home safes at our store varies from 50 minutes to 2 hours. The best fireproof home safes are certified and offer Inferno Shield fire protection.

Dimensions of fire resistant safes

Fire rated home safes come for sale in absolutely various size and dimension options. At our store, we are selling tall and wide, large and small ones. However, we must admit that the majority of them are neither large nor small. Middle-size fireproof storage is some variation of a home safe box which features 20" width and depth and up to 30". But small fireproof safe for home is also one of the bestsellers. This one is a variation of 15" width, 12" height, 14" depth, and offers 0.50 cubes of space which is enough to put a handgun and a few other things.


Referring to your preference for a locking mechanism, you may buy an electronic, a biometric fire resistant home safe, or a combination lock one. They are all available for sale at our store. Units with mechanical locking mechanisms are cheaper to buy and maintain. Biometric home safes are the most convenient to use. However, the most popular are electronic fire safes for home. They offer quick access, some additional features like an anti-theft alarm system, and are more affordable than biometric ones.


The best fireproof home safe is engineered professionally and built from the best materials. Only experienced reliable manufacturers can design and build such units. From our point of view, fireproof home safes from US brands are worth investing in. They meet all the standards of safe production. The leaders within the segment are such brands as Hollon, Fort Knox, and Browning.

Questions & Answers

What should be kept in a fireproof home safe?
Fireproof home safes are designed with the intention to protect precious belongings from thefts, water, humidity. Besides, they can withstand high temperatures for an hour or even two, which can be enough for the owner to get access to and open the safe. Therefore, documents, jewelry, cash, devices should be kept in your fire rated safe for home.

Are home safes really fireproof?
Not all fire resistant home safes are built equal. But the home safes, which we sell in this section, are fireproof. They are ready to keep your home valuables from fire and smoke damages.

Are all fireproof home safes waterproof?
In fact, our high quality fireproof home safes are made of durable steel and come with significant door and ceiling insulation thickness. mentioned above features also make them resistant to water.

Fire proof safes for home of what brands are available at your store?
The Safe Keeper offers a wide selection of fireproof home safes from Hollon, Browning, Fort Knox, Champion, Superior and other brands. We only specialize in reliable, premium-quality safes made in the USA.

How much does a fireproof home safe cost?
The price for fireproof home safe depends on its size, added features, interior and exterior designs and other factors. The best fire safes for home may not be very cheap. The storages at our store cost from $ 304 up to $ 10,384.