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More About Fire Rated Gun Safes

A fireproof gun safe is a perfect solution for the owners who are looking for the ways to protect their weapons from being misused, stolen or damaged. Considering a fire-resistant gun safe to buy for your home, mind the fire-resistant rating. It could be from 30 minutes at 1400°F for a cheaper price, however, the best fire-rated gun safes can withstand up to 120 minutes at 1700°F of external temperature, hence they are more expensive. A fire safe with more than 60 minutes of fire protection is the best choice for storing guns and other valuables for city homes. The safe dimensions are also important to consider. The Safe Keeper offers for sale both fireproof long gun safe as well as compact ones to fit your needs. Figure out what safe features you require, align them with the price you can afford to pay and buy the right safe for you.

Choosing best fireproof gun safe

When buying a right safe for your guns, it is important to consider how fireproof it is. In fact, a manufacturer can claim that the storage is fire resistant only in case it was tested. But even not experienced buyer can understand if the safe offers protection against fire or not. The best fireproof gun safe on the market is built from thick steel ( from 8 and higher gauge), it has unibody construction, and it has a UL certification.

Fire rating

Fireproof gun safe ratings range from 45 to 120 minutes. Guns start taking damage at temperature levels more than 500°F. Therefore, a temperature exposure which fire rated gun safes should withstand has to be not less than 1650 °F, so that they will not allow gun heating inside them. If the safe has a UL certification, it can suggest that the safe has withstanded fire endurance tests done by the laboratories.

Dimensions of fireproof gun safes

Fireproof gun safes can absolutely vary by dimensions. The largest gun safes with fire resistance at our store can accommodate more than 100 guns. The example of a large safe is 73 inches high, 61 inches wide and 27 inches deep. A small fireproof gun safe is really compact so that it will not take a lot of useful space in your room. It can hold a dozen long guns. It features 60 inches height, only 20 inches depth and 26 inches width.


Fireproof safes come for sale in a wide variety in terms of locking systems. Biometric fireproof gun safe allows the quickest access as it can be opened with fingerprint. It is really important when every second is critical but it requires a safe owner to be present. Combination lock or a fireproof electronic gun safe can be opened by a family member or even neighbor immediately if the owner tells them the combination. That can also save your precious belongings in case you are far away from home which is experiencing fire damage.


If you choose a fireproof gun safe made in USA from reliable brands you may 100% be sure that your storage is of high quality. US products are as a rule certified and tested by Underwriters Laboratories. The leaders on the market which produce high end fireproof gun safes are Fort Knox, Champion and Heritage.

Questions & Answers

Are all gun safes fireproof?

Not all gun safes are fireproof. Moreover, the rating of fireproof gun safes varies from 30 to 120 minutes. We`d would recommend checking the info on how long and at what temperature a vault can withstand fire, when you buy one.

What is the best fireproof gun safe?

The best fireproof safe is made from thick steel and has a well thought-out design and definitely a significant fire rating. All fireproof safes at our store have all the characteristics mentioned above. However, if you want to have 100% peace of mind and be sure that in any case your precious belongings won`t be damaged by fire, buy the safe with the highest 2-hour fire rating.

Who makes the best fireproof gun safes?

There are a lot of American brands with years of experience in the industry who offer fireproof gun safes of the highest quality. In order to buy the best one, choose a vault from Champion, Fort Knox, Superior and Dakota manufacturers.

Are fireproof gun safes worth it?

Although a fire rated gun safe costs more than non fire rated one, it is definitely worth it. A fireproof gun safe protects weapons and ammo kept inside from heating which can cause explosion and other damage.

How much does a fireproof gun safe cost?

A good gun fire safe may not be cheap, as it requires special costly material and equipment to build and test it. The price range for fireproof gun safes at our store vary from $495 to $22,835.

Read the article to find out how to choose best budget fireproof gun safe.