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Vault Room Doors Information

Vault door will turn any simple room into a highly secure place for all your valuables.

The Safe Keeper offers a great variety of vault doors for sale which provide the highest level of protection from theft as well as from fire. Vault doors for homes are also a good way to transform your room into a shelter if natural disaster strikes. In case you are a lucky owner of a firearm collection, gun vault doors are the ultimate way to keep it safe. Being produced by famous brands all our residential vault doors are of the first-class quality and available in different colors, finishes and materials, including steel.

How to choose vault room door

Choosing a vault room door is a responsible decision. Therefore, a future owner should prepare well. In order to understand the approximate price of a vault door for sale, figure out the size of it and the material you would like it to be built from. High quality solid steel vault doors are a bit more expensive than those made of thin steel but will be more secure and durable. It is also worth considering the locking system of the door; either it should be outswing or inswing; fire and burglar ratings; color, texture and design.


A standard vault door has 8 inches depth and 83-85 inches height. It means that they vary mostly by their width. Standard big vault door can be up to 53 inches wide while the small one is approximately 36 inches. And plenty of doors within the width range in between. If you need a vault door of other dimensions, you can have it made to order.

Outswing Or Inswing

A vault door can be either outswing or inswing. The choice of one depends on personal preferences. However, an outswing door allows us to save useful space in the room. Whereas inswing safe room doors are quicker and easier to enter, which is really good in case of disaster or home intrusion. An inswing door is also more secure in case of natural disaster as it will open even when it is blocked outside what we cannot say about an outswing one.

Vault door weight and thickness

An entry-level vault door weight is between 300 and 400 pounds. However, the heavier the door the more steel it includes. And this is an indicator of a high level of protection against both natural disaster and intrusion. High-end vault doors weigh from 500 - 645 pounds. Before installing a heavy door, we would suggest you check construction recommendations from the manufacturer. It can also be a good idea to hire a professional installer to do it.

Vault door locking mechanism

A vault door lock can be electronic, mechanical or biometric. The choice of one depends on owner`s preferences. Electronic and biometric ones provide quicker access. But as we don't use panic rooms frequently, a mechanical lock can be a good solution as it doesn`t require batteries. However, safe room door locks should be very robust and highly secure. That is why the leading manufacturers use Uni-Force locking systems or Sargent and Greenleaf high-security solutions for their vault doors.


There are a lot of things to consider while buying a vault door. But if you buy one from leading vault door manufacturers, then you may avoid the hassle related to quality, locking system, and other things. A proven manufacturer knows how to build the door which will meet all security requirements of any owner. The Safe Keeper sells vault doors from reliable American brands. Among the best of them we`d mention Browning, Fort Knox and Champion.

Choose the best vault room door to fit the interior of your home for a reasonable price. Buy a vault door from us and get it fast delivered and installed. Feel comforted and safe with your new security vault door!

Questions & Answers

What is vault door & why is it used?

Security vault door is used to transform an ordinary room into a storage or shelter. Vault doors are installed in order to protect valuables in Gun Rooms and Vault Storages. They also help reinforce the security of Panic Rooms.

How thick is a vault door?

High quality vault doors should be thick and heavy. However, as they are made by different manufacturers, their thickness differs. Some brands offer vault doors which are 3/16" thick, the others 10 GA thick, etc.

What are the types of vault doors?

There are inswing and outswing vault doors. Outswing doors allow you to to maximize indoor space. Inswing ones have the hinges on the inside, which makes it impossible for a burglar to pry them off.

How does a vault door work?

A vault door is intended to turn a simple room into a storage. Built from the thickest steel and loaded with metal bolts, the vaut door not only closes the room but also protects the valuables in the room.

How much does a vault door cost?

Vault Doors require a lot of quality material to be built from. Therefore, they cost more than $4,000. Inexpensive vault doors may not offer a significant level of protection.

Learn more about how vault doors are installed with our article, "Quality Installation Of An 1800 Lbs Vault Door." Our expert team at The Safe Keeper effortlessly installs vault doors, ensuring quick, precise, and satisfying service.