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More About Front Load Deposit Safes

Front loading drop safe enables immediate deposits and short-term storing of money, important papers and valuables. Front loading safe is equipped with a hopper. The safe user needs to open the hopper, put the items in it and close it to let the things drop down. Only the owner can withdraw the items from the front loading depository safe by opening it either with a key or a special coded combination of digit buttons.

There is a wide range of front load deposit safes for sale on our website. To buy the most suitable for you, consider the dimensions to fit it into your room, also choose the locking system, which is the most convenient for you to use and the price you can afford to pay for it.

Questions & Answers

What features front load depository safes?
The main feature of front loading depository safes is a hopper. In order to drop an item inside the safe, a user should open the hopper, place the thing, and close it. But only the person who has the key or knows the secret lock combination can have access to the content of the safe.

Where are front load deposit safes mostly used?
A front loading deposit safe is perfect for short-term storing of cash. Therefore, they are mainly used by restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and for other commercial purposes.

How much does a front loading deposit safe cost?
The Safe Keeper offers only the best, US quality front load drop safes for sale. The price for the safes at our store mostly depends on the size and lock system, and varies from $ 525 to $ 1,409.