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More about biometric safes for handguns

Every locking system has pros and cons which a future safe owner should consider to receive required security and convenience. The main benefits of biometric handgun safes are unprecedented security, immediate accessibility and ease to use. Fingerprint handgun safes offer perfect security as it is not possible to open it without an owner. They also don't require keys, or a combination to be remembered in order to open it. However, an owner can face an issue with using a biometric pistol safe if the one cuts or burns their finger. If a biometric fingerprint scanner is of a low quality, a safe won't open. Another concern related to buying a biometric safe is rather a high price for sale.

Choosing best biometric handgun safe

Choosing the best fingerprint handgun safe, a future owner is recommended to consider several factors. The first one is the quality of the biometric lock. Only the one with a very good up-to-date scanner can provide a reliable level of security. It will be also convenient if your biometric handgun safe allows loading several different finger prints, especially if there are a few users. The other important features you need to take into account are very similar to the ones of other gun safes. These include size, design, robustness, durability, easy and quick access, fire rating, etc.


Previously there was a huge demand mostly for a small biometric gun safe, as such storages were portable, easily hidden, and allowed the quickest fingerprint access. Gun cases with fingerprint reader were designed for one or two handguns and offered dimensions like for example, depth: 11.00"; width: 14.50"; and height: ranging from 5 to 10". Such lock boxes are also well-bought nowadays. However, you can buy larger biometric gun safes for multiple weapons that feature up to 40" height and 26.00" width.

Biometric handgun safes materials

In order to provide a significant level of protection, a handgun safe with a fingerprint lock should be made of durable and robust material. Its body and door should be made of strong and thick, at least 10-Gauge steel, and the safe should come in a unibody construction. It should be equipped with heavy-duty hinges, recessed plates, and a door as well as other details reinforcing the level of security.

Сonvenience and capacity

True to its name a fingerprint quick access handgun safe enables immediate and the most convenient opening. A user doesn´t need to remember the combination of digits or have a hassle with carrying keys. Furthermore, most biometric safes come pry-proof which gives them an extra edge. The storages are quite spacious, able to accommodate not only one or two, but many more handguns and plenty of other valuables.

Biometric handgun safe manufacturers

It is really important that biometric handgun safe was made by a reliable manufacturer. Suspiciously cheap safes from unknown brands may have a bad fingerprint scanner which can allow unauthorized access. From our experience, we advise you to buy a biometric handgun safe of a proven American quality built by market leaders such as Fort Knox, Hollon, and Browning manufacturers.

Questions & Answers

What is a biometric handgun safe?

Biometric handgun safe is one of the latest inventions of the safe industry. It has a biometric lock which allows the owner to open the safe by putting a finger on the fingerprint scanner. Thus, such fingerprint pistol safes provide quick reliable access.

What size are biometric handgun safes?

There is a misconception that a handgun safe with biometric lock is small. But the dimensions of such units may vary much. The majority of them are mid-sized ones, featuring, for example, height: 40.0"; width: 24.0"; depth: 18.0".

Are biometric handgun safes reliable?

Cheap biometric handgun safes from suspicious manufacturers may be not reliable. But we ensure you that by buying a gun safe with a biometric lock at our store, you will not have to compromise quality and security. Moreover, biometric handgun safes built by proven manufacturers are considered to be the most reliable in terms of security in comparison to a mechanical or a digital one.

How much does a biometric handgun safe cost?

Being equipped with the most advanced lock, biometric handgun safe cannot have a low price. However, it varies depending on the other characteristics of the storage. The price range for thumbprint pistol safes at our store is between $189.00 and $9,266.

Biometric pistol safes of what brands are available at your store?

Only the flagmans of the safe industry can manufacture a biometric handgun safe of decent quality. The best fingerprint pistol safes are built by Browning, Hollon and Fort Knox brands. They are available at our store.

Biometric handgun safes provide a convenient and secure way for gun owners to access their weapons quickly in case of an emergency. In the article "Best Gun Safe For Quick Access" highlights the importance of securing firearms through biometric handgun safes. With various options available on the market, the article guides readers in choosing the most suitable safe for their needs.