In order to provide the highest quality shipping and the most attractive rates we cooperate with UPS Freight, Fedex Freight, R&L Freight and other freight carriers which proved to be the best in the USA. Furthermore, we pay much attention to preparing a safe for shipping. The struggle of shipping a safes is that once it is picked up by a freight carrier, it is no longer in our hands. And we all know, freight damage during transit is not an uncommon occurrence. For that reason we take great care when preparing your safes for shipping. Over the years we’ve tried many different ways and techniques to minimize the potential of damage. As a result we’ve come up with an 8 step process that has helped reduce the risk of product damage during transit.

Nationwide Gun Safe Shipping

Small Safe Shipping:

Safes and Accessories up to 150 lbs will be shipped via UPS during normal hours of operation. This service does not include removal of packaging, assembly or setup.

LTL Freight Shipping Service:

Provides curbside delivery of your safe by Freight companies such as UPS Freight, Fedex Freight, R&L etc. This service does not include removal of packaging, assembly or setup of your safe. Freight prices are based on the weight of the safe and receiving zip code. A freight quote on a particular safe is automatically provided during checkout.

LTL Freight Garage drop-off:

This service is called “Inside Delivery”. For an additional charge the freight company will drop the safe off in your garage. Obstacles such as steep driveways, unpaved surfaces, detached garages etc. may not be eligible for “Inside Delivery” service. The eligibility of this service is determined by the freight company.

What to do when LTL Freight delivers your safe:

Once your safe is shipped, the freight company will contact you to schedule a delivery time. It is very important that you are present during delivery window to inspect the safe for any damage. When the safe arrives, check the packaging for any dents or tears. If you find any damage on the packaging, make sure to inspect the actual safe for possible damage in the affected area. If there is damage, it is very important that you note it on the bill of landing BEFORE the truck driver leaves. Failing to do so will void the possibility of receiving compensation. If the damage is severe, it is your right to refuse shipment all together.

Preparing Your Safe For Shipping

inspection before gun safe shipping

The Safe is thoroughly inspected for proper operation and any appearance flaws. Then detailed videos and pictures of the product are taken, prior to shipping.

palletizing gun safe

The Safe is placed on a sturdy pallet. This helps prevent from possible tipping and protects the safe from being hit with a pallet jack of forklift.

soft foam prepairing gun safe
Soft Foam

The Safe is carefully wrapped in soft foam. This material is great. It is gentle on the finish and protects the paint job from possible scratches by foreign objects.

gun safe edge potects
Edge Protects

Most damage during transit occurs on the corners of the safe. To prevent that, we install heavy cardboard edge protectors on all four corners of the safe.

smoothfoam prepairing gun safe

The safe is protected with 2” sheets of smoothfoam on all four sides. This adds additional protection during transit.

prepairing gun safe with stretch wrap
Stretch Wrap

To help keep all the layers together and tight, the safe is wrapped in stretch wrap.

cardboard box for gun safe
Cardboard Box

As a last, yet crucial layer of protection the safe is placed in a cardboard box.

prepairing gun safe metal straps
Metal Straps

Lastly the safe is tightly secured to the pallet with metal straps. This prevents the safe from moving on the pallet and possible tipping.

Preparing Gun Safe for Shipping Gallery