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Kodiak Gun Safes

Choose Kodiak gun safes for the best protection of your firearms and valuables at an affordable price. Kodiak is a trusted and popular choice for gun owners who value security and style. We have a wide range of Kodiak gun safes for sale in different styles, sizes, and features. We are proud to be a Rhino Kodiak gun safe authorized dealer as the safes are made by Rhino Metals, an American company with the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

All Kodiak safes come with the SafeX™ Security System, a revolutionary anti-pry technology that interlocks the door and body, and fire protection up to 60 minutes. Kodiak Gun Safe prices can vary depending on the series, model, color, lock type, interior options, and accessories, and range from $908 to $2,518 for the base configuration.

Buy Kodiak gun safe today and enjoy the security and style of a Rhino product.

Kodiak Gun Safes Features

Rhino Kodiak Gun Safes Revolutionary Anti-Pry Technology

Revolutionary Anti-Pry Technology

Rhino Kodiak gun safes provide top-notch security with anti-pry guides, thicker steel in both the body and door, as well as fireproof lining. Every model in the Kodiak series showcases SafeX®, an innovative anti-pry security mechanism that tightly interconnects the door and body for enhanced protection.

Every Kodiak Gun Safe Has Enhanced Fire Protection

Enhanced Fire Protection

Kodiak gun safes offer enhanced fire protection due to their external hinge design and a heat-triggered fire seal. The hinges on Kodiak safes envelop the entire safe perimeter, effectively thwarting heat intrusion. Furthermore, the fire seal expands during a fire event, effectively barricading heat from accessing the door frame.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Kodiak Safes

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kodiak safes are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which provides coverage for any defects, break-ins, or fire damage. Rhino Metals boasts the most comprehensive warranties and exceptional support within the industry for its products. Registering your safe can be easily done either online or via mail.

Kodiak American brand

American Brand

Kodiak is a brand of Rhino Metals, an American company that produces high-quality gun safes and other products. The brand offers affordable and reliable gun safes with patented security systems and fire protection. Kodiak is a trusted and popular choice for gun owners who value security and style.

Kodiak Gun Safes Prices

Series Base price range, $
KB $908 - $1,368
Strongbox $1,388 - $2,188
KGX $1,668 - $2,518