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Rhino Gun Safes

Rhino Gun Safes are the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to protect their firearms and valuables with American-made excellence and durability. Rhino Metals gun safes feature patented security systems, fireproof design, and customizable options to suit your needs and preferences. Rhino safes also come with a limited lifetime warranty and a customer-first service.

We have a wide selection of Rhino Gun Safes for sale online and in-store in various styles, sizes, and features. We are honored to be a Rhino Metals authorized dealer as the safes are made in the USA with the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

Rhino Gun Safe prices can vary depending on the series, model, color, lock type, interior options, and accessories, and range from $1,518 to $8,798 for the base configuration.

Buy Rhino Metals gun safe today and experience the difference of American-made excellence and durability!

Rhino Gun Safes Features

Rhino Gun Safes Innovative Security System

More Security

Rhino Metals gun safes offer superior security through long travel, large diameter bolts, anti-pry guides, and thicker steel of body and door, and fire lining. Rhino's Basic, C and Strongbox Series gun safes feature SafeX®, a revolutionary anti-pry security system that interlocks the door and body.

Every Rhino Gun Safe Has Improved Fire Protection

Improved Fire Protection

Rhino gun safes have improved fire protection thanks to their external hinge design and heat-activated fire seal. Rhino's hinges cover the entire safe wall and prevent heat from entering. The fire seal expands in a fire and blocks heat from reaching the door frame.

Rhino Metals gun safe can store more firearms

The Efficient Wat To Store Your Firearms

The Swing Out Gun Rack System by Rhino Metals is a patented and versatile solution for storing and accessing your firearms. It lets you store more scoped and tactical firearms in any orientation and swing them out for easy access. It also gives you full access to your door organizer and more space than other rack systems.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Rihno Safes

Best Warranty in the Business

Rhino safes come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects, break-ins, and fire damage. Rhino Metals offers the best warranties and warranty support in the industry for its American-made products. You can register your safe online or by mail.

Rhino Safe made in USA

Made in USA

Rhino gun safes are proudly made in the USA with the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. The manufacturer uses American steel, American workers, and American innovation to create durable and secure safes that protect your firearms and valuables. Rhino Metals is a true American company that supports American values and freedom.

Rhino Gun Safes Prices

Series Base price range, $
Basic $1,518 - $2,028
C $2,888 - $6,348
Strongbox $2,958 - $6,028
Thunderbolt $7,228 - $8,798
Ironworks AIX $4,548 - $8,128
Ironworks Thunderbolt $7,678 - $8,708