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Home Safes With Biometric Lock

Biometric home safes are the latest inventions of safe manufacturers which have gained their immediate popularity. The most outstanding feature which fingerprint home safes offer is definitely fast accessibility. Safe owner can forget the combination of digits or lose a key but using their fingerprints they will quickly open the vault in case of emergency. Latest biometric locks allow for multiple fingerprints to be entered and recognized. Besides, home safes with a fingerprint lock are very secure as it`s nearly impossible to open the safe without the owner. If you buy a safe from this page, you can choose a biometric lock option for additional fee.

Advantages of biometric home safes

A biometric home safe offers impeccable security as it is equipped with a cutting-edge locking mechanism almost impossible to forge or break-in. The main advantage of it is no hassle with remembering the combination of digits or carrying a key.


Fingerprint home safes are easy and convenient to use as they require only pressing the lock screen with the registered finger. Biometric locks also open by means of retina scanning or face recognition. Overall, the safe opening is just a matter of one gesture.

Quick Access

Quick access is a selling point of biometric safe with fingerprint lock. It takes a second or a few to open it. In comparison to it, punching numbers to open an electronic safe can take up to 5 seconds, and opening with a key is even more time consuming. There is also a risk of losing a key or forgetting a combination which can lead to longer delays.

Multi-User Access

Sharing a key is quite problematic as it requires bringing it physically to other people and it can be lost or stolen. Sharing the combination may also lead to leak of information to burglars. A biometric safe allows secure multi-user access. Several safe users can scan and save their fingerprints in a database.

Improved safety of biometric safes

The best biometric safe for home should be built from strong steel, equipped with security features and a high quality biometric lock. Only such one can provide authorized access to several users without any problem. Moreover, biometric safe allows keeping track of authorized accesses which eliminates any negative consequences of multi-user access.

Questions & Answers

What is a biometric home safe?
Biometric home safes come with the smartest locking system. An owner can immediately open the safe by using their fingerprints.

Are fingerprint home safes reliable?
Fingerprint home safes are very reliable. Dial or electronic locks allow thousands of coded combinations which are very difficult but still possible to guess. Biometric home safes are operated by fingerprints which are impossible to counterfeit.

Home safes with a biometric lock of what brands do you offer?
We offer the safes with a biometric lock manufactured by the most reputable American brands. Fort Knox and Browning safes known for their unprecedented quality are definitely among the best on the market.

Biometric home safes of what brands do you offer?
We offer a wide selection of fingerprint home safes built by reputable American brands. The leaders among them are definitely Fort Knox and Hollon.

How much does a biometric home safe cost?
In general, biometric home safes are a bit more expensive than safes with electronic or combination locks. But the price of the safe depends not only on the locking system but other features as well. At our store, their prices range from $189 to $12,507.

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