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More About Combination Lock Pistol Safes

Despite the overal opinion that mechanical pistol safes are a bit old-fashioned, there are still those people who think them to be traditionally stylish. And they have the right to their opinion. By the way, a mechanical handgun safe has a lot of other advantages. They are extremely reliable, don`t need a lot of support with changing batteries or charging, and are very easy to use. For example, a combination lock pistol safe just requires you to remember the combination of digits, and that`s it. And actually let`s not forget about the price. Handgun safes with a mechanical lock are generally the cheapest ones.

Choosing best mechanical pistol safe

Opting for a mechanical pistol safe, a buyer chooses simple, traditional, and durable storage. But a future owner should consider a lot of factors in order to purchase a really good unit. The quality of a locking mechanism is the most important one. Simplex and S&G dial locks are among the best on the market. It is also a good idea to acquire a safe with a five-button mechanical lock that provides more combinations, and hence more security.


Pistol safe with mechanical lock is traditionally not large and heavy. It is designed to keep one pistol only and be easily portable. Such storage has approximately 5" height, 12" width, and 10" depth. But a future owner may prefer a bigger unit so that they were able to accommodate not only a handgun but papers, cash, and other valuables. Such safes are definitely larger and heavier, featuring up to 50" height, 30" width, and 30" depth.


Not only should a lock be of high quality, but a mechanical handgun safe itself must be made of top-quality materials. The body of a good safe is built from thick steel. The best steel is between 12-and 6-gauge thick. Top security mechanical pistol safe is also equipped with a sturdy steel door, bolts, plates, and other parts. A top-notch unit is covered with a durable finish to serve longer.

Mechanical pistol safe convenience and capacity

The convenience and capacity of a mechanical pistol safe depend on its design and the design of a locking mechanism. A convenient to use, quick access mechanical pistol safe offers keyless solutions. Such boxes can be opened within a few seconds by pressing the correct combination of buttons. The capacity of storage can be achieved either by means of adjustable shelves or appropriate inside dimensions.


Choosing a perfect mechanical handgun safe, double-check where it is made in and what brands it belongs to. The best safes are built by reputable manufacturers with years of experience. In our opinion, mechanical pistol safes from US brands are really strong, durable, and offer true protection from burglars. The best of them are units designed and built by Fort Knox, Hollon, and V-Line companies.

Questions & Answers

What is a mechanical pistol safe?
A mechanical pistol safe is equipped with a traditional locking mechanism which is opened and closed with a key or by means of a dial. Such a storage serves for years and is easy to maintain as it does not include any delicate digital features.

What size are mechanical pistol safes?
Pistol safe with a mechanical lock is generally not large. They are mostly intended for storing one handgun, and feature, for example, height: 8.0"; width: 24.0"; depth: 14.5". But there are also mechanical pistol safes able to accommodate several handguns and these may reach much larger dimensions.

Are mechanical pistol safes reliable?
Mechanical pistol safes built by proven American manufacturers are really reliable. Besides, mechanical locks are considered to be more endurant compared to the ones with digital components.

How much does a combination pistol safe cost?
A combination handgun safe safe is not equipped with any sophisticated and expensive technologies. Therefore, mechanical handgun safes are considered to be the cheapest ones.

Mechanical pistol safes of what brands are available at your store?
We have been selling mechanical pistol safes of only proven American brands. The leaders of the industry such as Hollon, V-line and Fort Knox. Mechanical handgun safes manufactured by them are available at our store.