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How to select and buy a gun safe in Las Vegas

Choose a gun safe you can rely on. If you have a pistol or a rifle, you should keep it in a gun safe. This way you will protect it from burglars, fire or water damages, and your kids won't be able to take it and play with it. Besides, a gun safe could be also used for keeping precious stuff like jewelry, cash, papers at home securely.

The Safe Keeper has been selling gun safes for years and we know what to pay attention to while buying a quality one. So, we would recommend you to focus on the following features.

The dimensions and size of your gun safe

The size of a gun safe depends on your needs. If you have a small pistol and some precious belongings to keep in it, choose a small one; it will be easier to hide or move and also will cost less. If you have a long rifle, you can buy a small long gun safe which will save useful place in the room. For a big collection of weapons, a large vault is the best option.

Gun safe capacity

A good gun safe should be able to accommodate all your precious things. It means that it should be spacious and include many shelves, racks, pockets and pouches which will make it more convenient to use. Buy a gun safe which is a little larger than you need now. So when your collection of firearms grows, you will not need to change it.

The type of locking system

Depending on your preferences and needs, choose a gun safe with the most convenient and secure locking system for you. If you like traditional robust locks with keys, you can buy a mechanical or combination gun safe. If you are fond of modern technologies and don`t want to have the hassle of looking for a lost key, buy a storage with electronic or biometric lock.

Gun safe features

There are a number of additional features which can make your gun safe more secure and convenient to use. You can buy a vault with a lot of useful pouches and boxes which can help you keep your valuable stuff in order. Adjustable shelves can customize your storage to your needs. It is worth to buy a gun safe with a significant level of water and fire resistance which will bring you more peace of mind.

Gun safe store in Las Vegas

The Safe Keeper offers a wide collection of gun safes from reputable American brands. Pick up the best one for you at our store. Our gun safe store in Las Vegas has a showroom with a wide selection of products on display. If you need help with choosing the right storage, our sales staff will do it with pleasure and in a professional manner. We are proud to receive a lot of positive reviews from visitors of our store in Las Vegas about a great service, delivery and installation.

Questions & Answers About Gun Safes

What is the best gun safe?

The best gun safe is made of strong and thick streel; has a high fire and security rating, convenient design and sophisticated locking system. Only products built by experienced manufacturers can incorporate those features. The Safe Keeper, Las Vegas, Nevada, offers the best gun safes on the market from reputed American brands.

How much does a gun safe weigh?

The weight of a gun safe may vary from 100 up to 3,200 lb. It mainly depends on size, a gun safe design, layers of fireboard and gauge of steel it is made from.

Who makes the best gun safes?

We think that the best gun safes are made by manufacturers who have at least several years of experience on the market. Among such brands we would mention Superior, Dakota, Fort Knox, Browning and Champion.

Gun safes of what brands do you offer?

The Safe Keeper has been selling gun safes for more than 30 years. Over the years we have figured out what brands offer the best quality products. All the gun safes available at our store are exceptionally from proven brands.

How much is a gun safe?

The prices for gun safes vary depending on size, locking system, design and level of protection from fire and burglars. Some customization features come for additional price. The gun safes available at our store cost from $205.00 to $20,000.00.

Where to buy a gun safe in Las Vegas?

The Safe Keeper owns a store in Las Vegas which represents a wide choice of gun safes. Drop in, look around, talk to our sales team, and you will definitely find the safe you need.

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