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More About Lightweight Gun Safes

Lightweight gun safe is portable and can be easily carried, however it is robust and secure. All such vaults have standard protection from burglary and fire. There are many lightweight fireproof gun safes from leading manufacturers available at our store. The best lightweight gun safes for sale come in various designs, trim, finish, color and hardware options. Therefore, you can buy a lightweight gun safe with the set of features and interior which you'd like. Another pleasant detail in favour of lightweight gun safes is their prices which are much cheaper than those of the other vaults.

Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of lightweight gun safes?
There are two main advantages lightweight gun safes have over the others. They can be easier transported from one place to another, and come for lower price.

How much does a lightweight gun safe weigh?
Lightweight gun safes are more portable, can be easier moved, and cheaper than others. Their weight varies depending on size, included features, and purpose of using. Lightweight safes available for sale at our store are from 98 to 948 lb.

How long a lightweight fireproof gun safe can withstand fire?
Quality lightweight gun safes have strong protection from burglars, damages and fire. If the safe comes fireproof, then it can withstand from 30 to 90 minutes in fire.

Lightweight gun safes of what brands do you offer?
Choosing a lightweight gun safe, it is important to pay attention to where it was manufactured. If the product was built in the USA by a famous brand, then it is worth investing into. The Safe Keeper recommends buying lightweight safes from Dakota, Browning, Superior, Safe Guard, Fort Knox, Champion and Stack-on.

How much does a lightweight gun safe cost?
Lightweight gun safes are obviously cheaper than heavyweight ones. However, the prices for them may vary depending on size, the level of fire protection and security, additional features. Lightweight gun safes at our store cost from $839.00 to $4,872.