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Home Safes For Sale

Choose a secure home safe

The main purpose of a safe for a home use is not only to hide your precious belongings but also to make them protected from any pry attacks. Therefore, it makes sense to choose the one of a high quality, made from strong steel and with a proven burglary rating.

The Safe Keeper offers only good home safes made by reliable American manufacturers. Buying such a product, you will receive peace of mind and confidence that your stuff is in the right place.

The size of your home safe

Before you buy a home safe, decide on what you will keep in it. It will allow you to choose the right size of your storage. For papers, jewelry and cash we would recommend you a compact security box for home. It will be easier to place and cheaper. However, if you require a vault for antique stuff or long firearms or a lot of personal things, then choose a longer and wider storage.

Home safe types

Depending on where you would like to install your safe for valuables in home, you may choose either a wall or floor or a light hidden vault. Wall home safe is really good if you want to save the space in your room, floor safe is a perfect option if you don't want to spoil your walls with a hole. They also leave no chances to thieves to take them away. Secret home safes can be moved from one room to another when you need it.

The type of locking system

The locking system is a matter of personal choice. If you can trust only traditional locks with keys, buy a home safe with a mechanical lock. If you want to have quick access to your valuables and don`t like to look for keys, a digital locking system would be more convenient for you. For people who like modern trends, a biometric home safe is the best option.

Home safe features

In order to buy a high quality home safe, consider what fire rating and water resistance it has. It is also important to choose a storage with appropriate interior design. A convenient home safe should be equipped with adjustable shelves, useful pockets, lights and other accessories.

Questions & Answers About Home Safes

How to pick a home safe?
In order to pick the best home safe for you, first of all you need to decide what you will keep in it. If you buy a storage for your valuable, then it should have high level of security; a home safe for papers should be fire resistant, and the one for firearms should have a sophisticated locking system. We would also recommend you to buy home safes of reputed brands.

What is the best home safe?
A good home safe is the one which offers strong security for valuables as well as fire and water protection. However, the choice of the best one depends mostly on the owner`s needs and demands. If you require a home safe for one pistol and some papers, it should be small, then it will be easier to hide whereas for several firearms, it would be better to buy a long storage.

What to keep in a home safe?
Home safes are intended for storing precious belongings such as jewelry, cash, documents. We`d also recommend you keeping pistols, keys, certificates, bank cards, living wills and other important stuff in it. The purpose of a home safe is not only to provide room for storing valuables but to protect them from fire, kids, moist and thieves.

Where to buy a home safe?
There are two options for buying a home safe. You can either buy it at our safe specialty store or order a home safe online at website.

Home safes of what brands do you offer?
The Safe Keeper, Las Vegas, Nevada, offers home safes from proven American brands who never compromise the quality of their products. The list includes such manufacturers as Holon, Browning, Fort Knox, Champion, Dakota, Superior and Stack-on.