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More About Depository Drop Safes

Drop safe is a good invention for businesses, such as cafes, shops, petrol stations, etc., with constant flow of cash. It is very convenient to drop money into the box avoiding hassles with keeping it safe, and then take it out at the end of a working day. Commercial drop safes are required in the offices to protect documents, receipts, bills and other papers for a short period of time.

The Safe Keeper has a wide assortment of depository drop safes of different sizes, shapes and locking systems for sale! Cash drop safes have fire, water and pry protection of the highest level. The product range includes commercial cash drop safe boxes, large and small drop safes for business. Buy safe with drop slot at our store for a very reasonable price and we ensure fast delivery and our help with its moving and installation.

Choosing drop safe

Choosing a cash drop safe for your business, you need to consider several critical features. However, the main one is definitely, the level of security. Safes that offer a high level of protection from theft are built from thick steel. Opt for a device with at least a 1/4-inch body and a 1/2-inch door. It is marked as a B-rated drop safe.

Types of drop safes

Commercial cash drop safe can be classified as front-loading safe with drop slot, rear loading, through-the-wall, triple drop safe, top slot, and rotary drop boxes. Front-loading type features a hopper to drop cash. Rotary drop boxes are equipped with a drum for bigger packages. Triple drop safe offers three separate compartments that allow sorting out valuables. Through-the-wall drop safes can be installed and hidden which provides more security. A rear-loading drop safe also adds a layer of protection as you may place a safe in a separate secure room, while the hopper is accessible on the other side of the wall.


A money drop safe is available in a variety of dimensions and sizes. The majority of such devices are tall and may feature up to 40-inch height. The approximate width of an average drop safe is 11-20 inches, and depth ranges from 10 to 20 inches. Being used for commercial purposes, drop safes are mostly large and capacious. However, there are small models as well.

Fire rating

Hardly ever can you find a fireproof drop safe. Due to their specific purpose, drop safes don`t require reinforced fire resistance. Safes sold at our store at not fire-rated.

Locking mechanism

A drop depository safe comes with different locking mechanism options. There are dial, electronic, biometric drop safes. The type of lock is a matter of preference and convenience of an owner. However, at our store, you may find several safes with a dual key lock system. It allows access to the contents only in case when both keys are used simultaneously which increases the level of security.

Money safes manufacturers

The quality of the drop safe highly depends on the experience and reliability of the manufacturer. We offer for sale the safes built exceptionally by American brands with years of experience within the industry. In our opinion, the best drop safes for business are engineered and made by Hollon and Safe & Security Systems Co. Inc companies.

Questions & Answers

What is a drop safe?

Depositary drop safes are used to store cash, receipts, documents, certificates, bills. They allow putting stuff inside through a slot, some slots, a drum or a hopper without opening them. The most popular are commercial cash drop safes for sale.

How does a drop safe work?

Drop safes are equipped with a slot, some slots, drum or drawer in which safe users can put receipts, bills or cash. However, only the person who has the key or knows unique lock combination can open the safe.

Where are drop safes used?

Drop safes are especially useful for business purposes. There are many different types of commercial cash drop safes for sale, including front loading, top rotary, top slot and triple safes.

Drop safes of what brands do you offer?

Our store is an authorized safe dealer of safes manufactured by reliable American brands. Thus, we offer drop safes of only famous US brands. Hollon is one of the best in drop safe production.

How much does a drop safe cost?

Prices for drop safes vary depending on their size, features, and materials the storage is made of. At our store, the safes come for sale with the price from $120 up to $1,500.