How to Store Ammo in a Gun Safe: Step by Step Guide

Having guns and ammunition at home requires us to store them in an appropriate way. Storing your ammunition correctly is a matter of your and your family's safety. And even a firefighting crew that would come in case you had a house fire and could face the danger of an ammo explosion.

Storing ammo in a gun safe can mitigate fire consequences but only when it is done properly. How should one choose the best safe for ammunition? What should you know about storing ammo? Find the answers to these as well as other questions in our article below.

Step by Step Guide: How to Store Ammo in a Gun Safe

Choose a Fireproof Gun Safe

To start with, it is worth noting that the main concern owners of weapons have is how to keep ammo safe from fire. The question makes sense, as fire and high temperatures are the main rivals of any ammunition. Let`s first figure out what temperature is safe for ammo? When the temperature is above 125°F, ammo begins melting as the nitrocellulose in the gunpowder becomes gas and leaks out. Storing ammo in a fireproof safe prevents damage caused by a high temperature. Fireproof safes have a special construction that allows keeping the content cool even in case the outside temperature is really high.

Сonsider the humidity

Moisture is another enemy of ammunition. It can cause corrosion and make weapons absolutely useless. Needless to say, it is not a good idea to keep ammunition in a damp basement or garage where the temperature is not stable and the ventilation is not good. In order to keep ammo safe from humidity, one should put it in a gun safe installed in a dry place or at least with a good dehumidifier in it.

Choose the Right Ammo Storage Containers

In order to store it properly, you need to organize ammo in a safe. Sort the stuff by its caliber, purpose, or storage date and stick labels on the container that will identify ammunition faster. So that you can keep your ammo securely, put it in a vacuum-sealed bag and then in a special can or a container. A good container is made of high-quality wood, metals, or plastics and is equipped with rubber gaskets around the lid to prevent moisture from getting inside. Lastly, put a container in a proven ammo safe or at least a gun safe with ammo storage in it.

Securely Store Small Arms Ammunition in Plastic or Cardboard Boxes

As mentioned above the best way to load ammo in a safe is to put it in a special ammunition safe box, can or container. Avoid keeping ammo in a gun safe that is packed in thin plastic, cardboard or paper boxes. They cannot protect from damages caused by the weight of the boxes above. Moreover, paper and cardboard can absorb moisture which can ruin ammo.

Opt For Ammunition Drawers and Cabinets If You Have More Space

It is also worth mentioning that a gun safe full of ammo which is not organized properly in cans and containers will neither provide required protection against moisture and damages nor convenience of using it. Whenever possible, avoid storing large amounts of ammo in your gun safe. But if you can't avoid it, you can equip the safe with drawers and cabinets to increase useful space inside it.

Should you store ammo and guns both in the same gun safe?

Another important thing to consider while storing ammunition in a gun safe is that it should be kept separately from guns. You may wonder, Why store ammo and guns separately if it's in a safe? First and foremost, it lowers the risk that your kids or other family members who have access to your safe can load your guns with ammo. It is also critical to prevent unauthorized people from taking advantage of your gun while also loading it with your ammunition.

Top Tips to Keep Ammo Secure and Safely Stored

At this point, you probably feel like your head is going to explode from the number of tips that you need to consider. To sum it up, let's make it clear what a safe way to store ammunition is. Tackle the to-do-list below and neither your head nor your ammo will blow up.

  1. Keep your ammo in a fireproof gun safe not in a cabinet, under your bed or on garage shelves.
  2. Store your ammo separately from your guns. At least in another gun safe compartment.
  3. Install a gun safe with your ammunition in a dry and cool place.
  4. Protect it from moisture by keeping it in a container and putting a dehumidifier in the safe.
  5. Organize your ammunition properly. Don't put cardboard boxes with ammo one on top of another to avoid damage.
  6. Rotate your ammo, using the oldest out of your stock.


It goes without saying that a gun owner is responsible for keeping their guns secure. The same way they need to keep firearm accessories locked away. It is also obvious that storing ammunition in a gun safe is the way to go. One of the leaders in ammunition manufacturing promises that properly stored loaded ammo has a 10-year shelf life. Follow our recommendations and forget about your ammo until it's time to use it.

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Kirillo Byelin