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More About Money Safes

А money safe is vital for either office or home to store cash. A safe for money is convenient and easily accessible for the owner. It is a sound decision to buy a fireproof money safe with features which provide no opportunity for thieves to break in. The Safe Keeper offers only quality money safes for sale made by famous manufacturers. As for the size of the vault, we suggest choosing from various money safes for home and more spacious safes for business.

Choosing money safe for home

Whether they frequently need cash or feel more comforted when their money is at hand, some people prefer keeping their savings at home. The importance of storing money in a secure place is obvious. Money safes are designed with the intention to protect cash and can be considered the best solution for the purpose. The main objective of the device is prevention from burglary. Therefore, the best money safes offer a high level of pry resistance. Choosing storage for cash, the first thing you should pay attention to is if and what burglary rating it has. The security rating proven by UL is really trustworthy.


Money safes differ in size and dimensions. To make it clear, we will show you some numbers. The devices for storing cash at our store may be as short as 11-inch and as tall as 60-inch height. They also vary in width and depth. Small safes for money are portable, can be easily hidden, and are less expensive. However, they cannot provide such capacity as large ones. Large money safes can be used not only for cash, but other valuables kept at home.

Fire rating

Another important argument for choosing money safe is its fire rating. That means for how long and at what temperature the device will be able to withstand fire. To be honest, money safes that are able to protect the content for an hour are really not bad. However, the best fireproof money safe generally offers 2 Hour fire rating at 1750°. You may be more confident in the fire resistance of a money safe if the feature is tested either by the factory or UL.

Locking mechanism

It is worth spending some time to decide which locking mechanism is preferable for you. Would you opt for money safes with digital lock, combination, or biometric one? Every locking mechanism has its pluses and minuses. The biometric lock provides a high level of security and the fastest access by means of fingerprints, but it can add on to the price of a safe. Digital lock money safe is cheaper, but you always need to keep the combination of digits in your head. Dial locks are probably not up-to-date, but they are very easy to use, require no batteries, and less maintenance.

Money safes manufacturers

If you want to be absolutely sure that you buy top quality, reliable home money safe, choose the one built by proven manufacturers. The Safe Keeper offers products only from reputable American brands. At our store, you may find money safes for sale made by such market leaders as Hollon, Fort Knox, and Browning.

Questions & Answers

What is a money safe?
Money safes are used for protecting cash, papers and other valuables from theft. In comparison to other storages, money safes are generally cheaper, more compact, and allow a user faster access to the contents.

Will paper money burn in a fireproof safe?
The main objective of a fireproof money safe is to withstand fire for at least 60 minutes. Therefore, paper money will not burn until the time expires. One hour is enough for the safe owner to either extinguish fire, or take the money out of the safe.

How much does a money safe cost?
Money safe prices vary depending on its size, fire rating, type of lock, exterior design, etc. The Safe Keeper sells vaults within a wide price range.The cheapest money safe costs $172.00 whereas the most expensive one is offered for $10,384.

Money safes of what brands are available at your store?
The Safe Keeper deals exceptionally with proven US brands. Money safes built by Hollon, Browning, Fort Knox and Stack-on manufacturers are available at our store.

Where to buy a money safe?
Buy a money safe from authorized dealers such as The Safe Keeper. You can make a purchase either online or at our store in Las Vegas, Nevada.