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How to select and buy the best jewelry safe

Jewelry safe is crafted to secure precious stones, gold and silver accessories, and other cherished valuables. Good jewelry safe for a home should be well-protected from burglary, fireproof and comfortable. There are plenty of safes for jewelry in a wide price range to serve the purpose. Depending on the demands, a customer can buy a safe for valuables with many shelves inside it, extended features and stylish exterior design. A fireproof jewelry safe is easily installed, it has an anchoring hole and a hardware bolt to attach it to the floor. All jewelry safes for home use we collected are available for sale, select the most suitable for you!

First steps in choosing a jewelry safe

Not all jewelry safes are similar. They vary by size, exterior and interior design, type and level of protection, and purpose they can be used for. Choosing the one, take into consideration how many and what type of valuables you will keep in it. If you are going to buy storage for precious jewelry which you keep at home and wear from time to time, you probably need a luxury jewelry safe with convenient drawers. If you want it to be hidden, and plan to keep there the valuables that you don`t often use, then you may buy a jewelry safe that is simple by design but sophisticated by the level of protection.

Jewelry safe for home or for business

Regarding the purpose, a buyer can choose either commercial or residential jewelry safe. If one needs a jewelry safe for home use, they may buy the storage customized to their specific needs and requirements. Besides, not all safe features are critical and worth to be paid for.  However, safes for business should comply with the strictest standards. They should be more capacious and provide impeccable protection against burglars and fire. Safes, used for jewelry business, require special interior design.


Speaking about size, safes for jewelry are generally compact. For example, a usual jewelry safe for home use has 20.00" depth, 24.00" width, and 30.00" height. However, there are tall storages which can be more than 60" height as well as wide ones, reaching up to 200.00" width.

Protection level

The most important feature of any jewelry safe is the level of protection against burglars. In order to buy the storage with a high level of security, it makes sense to choose UL listed one. Such products provide strong protection for jewelry against thefts being built from thick steel and composite materials. UL rating shows how fireproof a jewelry safe is and how resistant the storage is to burglar attacks. Looking at the indicator, a future owner can decide what the best safe for them in terms of security is.

Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism for jewelry safe should be not only robust but also convenient to use and provide quick access. If the safe is used by a group of people, then a mechanical or digital lock will be a good choice. Such storage is cheaper and may be opened by anyone who knows the combination. Biometric safes provide the highest level of protection and the quickest access as they can be manipulated by means of the fingerprint of an owner. However, they cost more.

Manufacturers of jewelry safes

We`d recommend you to choose jewelry safes manufactured by proven American brands. The most affordable high-quality safes for valuables are built by Browning, Stack-on, Fort Knox, Superior. Hollon company is known for their quality safes with jewelry cabinets which are intended exceptionally for keeping pieces of jewelry.

Questions & Answers

How jewelry safes are designed and which difference they have?
The main distinguishing feature of all jewelry safes is their special design. They should be outfitted by fabric-lined drawers or special cabinets intended for storing rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

How to keep jewelry safe at home?
Obviously, jewelry should not be kept out in the open. Otherwise, it could be lost, taken by kids or even stolen. If you would like to be confident, that your valuables are in a secure place, keep them hidden in a home jewelry safe.

Are jewelry safes burglar & fire rated?
Jewelry requires the storage which is rated for fire, water, and forced entry. However, some cheap jewelry safes don't offer necessary features. The products available at our store are of the highest American quality and they come with significant burglar & fire ratings.

Are biometric jewelry safes available at your store?
Among jewelry safes available at our store you can find a few with a biometric lock. Such safes for valuables are offered by Fort Knox и Browning brands.

Home safe for jewelry and valuables of what brands do you offer?
We have been selling jewelry safes for home only from proven manufacturers. Among the most reliable brands which offer safes for valuables, we would like to mention Hollon, Browning, Fort Knox, Champion, Stack-On and Superior.