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Hollon Safes

Hollon safe offers flawless quality, which has been achieved due to years of experience. Buying Hollon Safe you get the vault with perfect protection from burglary: the safe comes with heavy duty hinges and a unique 1-inch-thick hinge side locking bar. Hollon Home Safe can brag 2-hour fire rating at 1700°. As for Hollon safe prices, they are lower than their competitors charge for the safes with the same features. We even managed to cut the prices off to make them a bit smaller than those of the other authorized dealers. The price of a new Hollon home safe could range from $100 to $3,438 for the base configuration.

Hollon Home Safes Series

More About Hollon Safes

Hollon Gives Lifetime Fire Guarantee For All Its Fireproof Safes

The Hollon Lifetime Fire Guarantee

Hollon Safe company gives a lifetime warranty from fire for all our refractory safes. We will change any of our Fireproof Safe with pleasure if it has been spoiled in a flame. A required condition for the customers is to give all requested documents to a competent Hollon Safe member before substitution.

Hollon Produces High Quality Commercial And Home Safes

The Best Safes In The Industry

Our prices are 20% to 50% less than our rivals’. And still, Hollon Safes produce safes that transcend industry standards for hardness, design, and longevity. So our price is the best for the superior safes. And it is not unexpected that we are one of the quick-growing safe manufacturers in the country.

Hollon Safe Company Offers Security Safes At an Affordable Price

You Don’t Pay For A "Name"

Some of our Hollon Safe safes are a lot superior to those from bigger companies. We don't have a famous name but we have bigger bolts and more heavy steel. Frequently people render money for a safe just because of the company's brand that's on it. Hollon Safe company doesn't take money for the name.

Each Hollon Safe Is Designed In Keeping With Industries Standards

Strength in Design

We support one of the utmost rates of design and longevity in the industry. Every Hollon Safe is designed according to the highest industries standards. We produce a safe for longevity thanks to our experience. This property is assured by our attention to quality consolidated with product testing.

Every Hollon Safe Is Tested To Confirm The Burglary And Fire Ratings

Strength in Quality

The Hollon Safe must go through a strict nomenclature of control and only then the name Hollon Safe is affixed to every safe. We take guarding our buyers' assets really earnestly. Our company is not the largest in the industry but Hollon Safe is gravitating to be superior. You have our name on it.

Hollon Safe Company Maintains Contact With Its Locksmiths And Customers

Strength in Community

We realize that mutual help has a decisive meaning for any good relationship so our aim is to cultivate long term interrelation with our clients and mechanics. Hollon Safe gives back 10% of incomes for philanthropic causes. If your company wants to be apart of us - please inform us with a message.